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In PvP (player vs. player) combat, you play against other players.

Like PvE (player vs. environment), each battle lasts 5 rounds unless the escape proc, or the vampiric power glamour is invoked.

You can turn PvP play on or off. Once you have attacked another player, you can not turn PvP play off for 10 days (this is to give the other player a chance to retaliate).


Things to keep in mind when initiating an attack include:

  • You can attack players who are up to five (5) levels ahead of you and up to five (5) levels below you
  • Each attack on another player costs two VP
  • The number of times you may attack the same player in any 24-hour period is limited
Attacker level # of attacks in 24 hours
on FB and Fb-Connect
Icons-Kong.png Kongregate
Levels 1–40 6 6
Levels 40–60 7 9
Levels 60–80 8 10
Levels 80–100 9 11
Levels 100–?? 10 12


Which bait you use depends on personal choice. Some players use blood diamonds as bait to gain an extra 5% chance of making a critical hit on another player. As long as you don't use your bloodshield, you won't actually use (and lose) the blood diamond.

Victory points calculations

The basic amount of VP you earn as the attacker, for beating another player, is 5 VP per battle (unless of course this is an avatar wars battle...

The number of VP you actually receive, however, is adjusted based on:

  • Who started the battle; and
  • What the level difference between the two players is.

Offensive wins

Except for avatar wars battles:

  • If you defeat another person who is on the same level as you, you gain 5 VP. Minus the 2 VP required to start the battle, you have a net gain of 3 VP;
  • If you defeat someone who is at a higher level than you, you gain one extra VP per level, up to a maximum of 3 bonus VP. Minus the 2 VP required to start the battle, you have a net gain of 4, 5, or 6 VP;
  • If you defeat someone who is at a lower level than you, your VP gain is reduced by 1 per level down to a minimum of 1 VP. So, if you're level 20 and attack and then win against someone level 18, you will only gain 1 VP.

Defensive wins

Except for avatar wars battles:

  • If the player who attacked you is on the same level as you and you win, you gain 3 VP;
  • If the player who attacked you is above your level and you win, you gain 4, 5, or 6 VP;
  • If the player who attacked you is below your level and you win, you gain 0 or 2 VP.

Platform variability

Icons-Kong.png            Players above Level 60 on these platforms get an additional VP when winning.

This change may be temporary, since it is designed to make it easier for higher-level players (where there are not many level-appropriate PvP opponents) to gain VPs or to get into PvP if they haven’t so far.


You are not at risk for losing anything when you are attacked in PvP. You will not lose credits. And any blood you lose in a defensive battle is immediately replaced at the end of the battle.

Active defense

If you wish to take a more active role in your own defense in PvP you can:

  • Use a servant that has a greater chance of:
    • Intercepting an attack from another player; and
    • Making an active defensive response to an attacker;
  • Equip blood diamonds as your bait whenever you go offline to gain the extra 5% chance of making a critical hit against an opponent.

Avatar wars

Players of an avatar group get double victory points against the other group. Attacking players also get an additional Bloodbane 2 buff for the fight. Exclusive scrolls can be won in Avatar War fights. Every Monday the pairings are randomly determined.

Loot rewards

When you defeat another player you can occasionally find one or more pieces of loot left behind, including:


Avatar Wars only

Loot is non-existent (or close to it) when you attack and beat a player at a lower level than yours.


Equipment (accessories, armor, coffins, mounts, and weapons) that is particularly suited to PvP play can be obtained from Ivan the battlemaster in all locations or from loot obtained by beating other players.

Certain sets are also optimized for PvP play.


  • 1 June 2010: PvP was one of the two initial styles of play available in the first release of Chronicles of Blood.
  • 27 April 2011: Avatar wars was added to the PvP mix in Chronicles of Blood.

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