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In PvP (player vs. player) combat, you play against other players.

Like PvE (player vs. environment), each battle lasts 5 rounds unless the Escape proc, or the vampiric power Glamour is invoked.

You can turn PvP play on or off. Once you have attacked another player, you can not turn PvP play off for 23 hours (this is to give the other player a chance to retaliate).



Some of the aspects of an attack include:

VP gain:

  • You can attack players who are up to five (5) levels ahead of you and up to five (5) levels behind you.
  • You may only attack the same player six times per day.
  • Each attack on another player costs two VP. If you win the battle against another person who is on the same level as you, you gain 5 VP -2 VP to initiate the fight for a net gain of 3 VP.
  • If you win against someone who is of higher level than you, for each level higher you get an extra VP, for a max. of 3 bonus VP. So, if you're level 20 and win against someone level 23, you will gain 5 VP + 3 bonus VP - 2 to initiate for a net of 6 VP. If you're level 20 and win against someone level 24 or 25, it would still be a gain of 6 VP.
  • If you win against someone who is of lower level than you, for each level lower they are you gain one VP less, down to a minimum of 1 VP. So, if you're level 20 and win against someone level 18, you will only gain 1 VP.

Which bait to use:

  • Use Blood Diamonds as they give you an extra 5% chance of critical hit as they're equipped, and you don't have to use them to get this bonus. Or, alternatively use Blood Pearls for a super cheap (only 5 credits each) heal for each fight.

Restoring lost Blood:

  • When attacking, it behooves you to only restore lost Blood if you're continuing to fight additional battles, or if you think that the next enemy could potentially Deathblow you with the amount of Blood you have left. Otherwise, you're just wasting credits.


The only thing you need to defend against with a PvP attack is your credits. If you regularly put your credits in the bank, you will protect them from being transferred to a player who defeats you. Be warned, however: the Antediluvians who run the bank demand a 10% tax on your credits for their services.

You never permanently lose blood from being attacked in PvP. Your blood is restored at the end of every battle.

Without a doubt, equip Blood Diamonds whenever you go offline and have PvP mode active. This will give you the extra 5% chance of critical hits with no cost to you.


When you defeat another player you can receive:


  • 1 June 2010: PvP was included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.

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