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In PvP (player vs. player) combat, you play against other players.

Like [[PvE[[ (player vs. environment)], each battle lasts 5 rounds unless the Escape proc is invoked.

You can turn PvP play on or off. Once you have attacked another player, you can not turn PvP play off for 23 hours (this is to give the other player a chance to retaliate).




You can attack players who are up to five (5) levels ahead of you and up to five (5) levels behind you.


The only thing you can really defend against with a PvP attack is your credits. If you regularly put your credits in the bank, you will protect them from being transferred to a player who defeats you. Be warned, however: the Antediluvians who run the bank demand a percentage of your credits for their services.


When you defeat another player you can receive:


  • May 2010: PvP was included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.

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