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The yeti trader is the merchant in Mount Messmer. The yeti trader sometimes sells particularly exotic items to intrepid vampires.

And,of course, the yeti trader is the go-to person when you need help crafting a specialty item.


You must find the yeti horn magical item as loot in Mount Messner before you can visit and do business with the yeti trader.

Doing business

The yeti trader will help you with your craft projects once you have acquired all the necessary crafting materials and have reached the appropriate level:

Crafted items

Visit the Yeti trader to craft the following:

Item Type Sublocation Level Rage Control Constitution Credit cost Blood sapphire
Crafting materials
Arctic combat gloves Hand armor aacSlopes 95 58 100,000
Arctic combat helmet Head armor aacSlopes 95 58 100,000
Arctic combat vest Chest armor aacSlopes 96 28 100,000
Cryo generator Accessory aacSlopes 95 100,000
Blue dragonhide tunic Chest armor aadSummit 99 78 200,000
Crystal crossbow Weapon aabFoothills 93 40 100,000
Dagger of burning ice Weapon aacSlopes 96 68 100,000
Fingers of frost Hand armor aabFoothills 92 28 75,000
Frost spear Weapon aadSummit 99 81 250,000
Hades helmet Head armor aacSummit 100 65 30,000,000 1,500

Check Hades helmet
page for more info

Ice armor Chest armor aacSlopes 97 30 100,000
Ice belt Belt aacSlopes 94
Ice coffin Coffin aacSlopes 100
Ice helmet Head armor aacSlopes 96 61 100,000
Ice sigil Accessory Any 91
Icegloom Weapon aadSummit 100 85 7,000,000
Icicle bomb Accessory aadSummit 300,000
Orb of relocation Travel item aabFoothills
Orb of teleportation Travel item aacSlopes

For sale

The yeti trader also has the following specialty items available for sale:

Item Type Sublocation Level Rage Control Constitution Credit cost Blood sapphire
Blood badges
Frostwyrm carapace Chest armor aabFoothills 95 60 2,500
Glacier blade Weapon aabFoothills 91 81 2,000
Nova blade Weapon aacSlopes 98 45 2,000
Staff of the ice witch Weapon aabFoothills 95 48 3,000
Yeti fur coat Chest armor aabFoothills 95 55 2,000


  • 13 February 2012: The Yeti trader was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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