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Creatures and bosses


Among the xeno creatures in Chronicles of Blood are:

Limited-availability creatures

The following creatures from special event and portal locations are xeno:

Epic bosses

Among the xeno epic bosses in Chronicles of Blood are:

Coven bosses

Any coven boss may be discovered to be xeno at the beginning of a battle.

Opposing the xenos


Among the procs that can inflict particular damage on xeno creatures or that can help defend against damage inflicted by xeno creatures are:

  • Procs-Thetablast.png  Thetablast: The thetablast proc is an offensive buff that gives a chance to deal additional psychic burst damage against xeno bosses.
  • Procs-Gammaburn.png  Gammaburn: Gammaburn is an offensive buff that gives a chance to deal additional periodic psychic damage to xeno creatures.
  • Procs-Xenobane.png  Xenobane: Xenobane is an offensive buff that increases damage against xeno creatures.
  • Procs-Xenoward.png  Xenoward: Xenoward is a defensive buff that decreases the damage taken from xeno creatures.


The feat that inflicts damage when used against xeno creatures is:


  • 20 July 2011: The xeno creatures and bosses were first created/added to Chronicles of Blood.

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