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Lycanthrope creature
     Level: *6+
     Rarity: Rare
Procs-Berserk.png  Proc: Berserk
Procs-Bloodbane icon.png  Proc: Bloodbane
Procs-Chain attack.png  Proc: Chain attack
Procs-Cruelty.png  Proc: Cruelty
Procs-Berserk.png  Proc: Devastate
Procs-Innoculation.png  Proc: Inoculation
Procs-necrosis.png  Proc: Necrosis
Procs-Mystic resistance.png  Proc: Mystic resistance
Procs-Regeneration.png  Proc: Regeneration
Procs-Rend icon.png  Proc: Rend
Procs-Melee debuff.png  Proc: Slayer
Procs-Thin blood.png  Proc: Thin blood
Procs-Toughness.png   Proc: Toughness
Procs-Trample.png  Proc: Trample

Procs-Berserk.png  Deals physical damage



In the house of the 7 sins, even the werewolves forget that they were once human. They burn with a stronger-than-human rage, and can reduce an incautious vampire to shreds in a matter of seconds..


Creatures-Lycanthrope.jpg Wrath is a lycanthrope creature.


Wrath can inflict physical damage on its opponent.


The level of Wrath varies based on your own level in the game.

Like all the creatures in the house of the 7 sins and the other portal locations, Wrath is also slightly stronger than a normal creature of the same level.

Depending on your level, Wrath will behave like a slightly stronger than normal level 6, level 16, level 26, etc. creature.

Your vampire's level Wrath's level
Levels 1–10 6
Levels 11–20 16
Levels 21–30 26
Levels 31–40 36
Levels 41–50 46
Levels 51–60 56
Levels 61–70 66
Levels 71–80 76
Levels 81–90 86
Levels 91–100 96
Levels 100–110 106
Levels 111–120 116
Levels 121–130 126
Levels 131–140 136
Levels 140–150 146


Wrath may gain the following procs during a battle:

  • Procs-Chain attack.png  Chain attack: The chain attack proc is an offensive and disruptive proc that gives a chance to deal an additional weapon attack in the same combat round. Chain attack can be gained up to 5 times in a single combat round. Effects that are triggered by hitting an opponent may also trigger again.
  • Procs-Trample.png  Trample: The trample proc is both an offensive buff and a defensive buff that is occasionally activated at the beginning of combat. When it is activated, it eliminates one of the opponent's servants for the entire battle.


Wrath can be summoned to a battle as a servant of any coven boss.

Other info


You can only encounter Wrath during special events in the house of the 7 sins.


Vanquish a wrath in battle, and you may occasionally discover that some of the following items have been left behind as loot:


  • 23 October 2012: Wrath was added to Chronicles of Blood.
  • 24 October 2013L Wrath began to drop the mummified silver cat.

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