Wooden leg

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Wooden leg
Crafting material-Wooden leg.jpg
Bound crafting material


Pssst ... over here ...

— Wirt


You must have found the wooden leg, the portal scroll, and the hell cube to be able to craft the portal to the red pastures with the help of the crazy hermit, the merchant in the Dark Forest.

The portal to the red pastures is the key to your ability to enter Red pastures and to have a moo-ving experience there.


You must be at least level 11 to use the wooden leg to help create a portal to the red pastures.



You may occasionally find a wooden leg left behind as loot when you defeat one of the following creatures:

Special event creatures

During special events you may find a wooden leg left behind as loot when you defeat:


You cannot trade or give a wooden leg to another player.


You cannot disenchant a wooden leg.


  • 5 November 2010: The wooden leg was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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