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There are no requirements you must meet to be able to travel to the western field of the dead.

Prudent hunters, however, will try to be at levels between *6 and *0 of their current tier when the western field of the dead is due to open, since they will stand a better chance of defeating creatures here then.

Environmental proc

Procs-Combat pumpkin.png     Flying pumpkins is the environmental proc in Western field of the dead. Flying pumpkins randomly inflicts the stun proc on one combatant in a battle.    
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Many of the creatures you will battle in the western field of the dead have emigrated from the field of the dead:

Creature Type Strength Rarity Damage type Notable loot
Scarecrow Abominable Level *1+ Very common Physical
Dark crawler Abominable Level *3+ Common Toxic
Carrion beetle Abominable Level *2+ Common Toxic
Headless horseman Undead Level *3+ Uncommon Physical
Bat swarm Vampiric Level * Scarce Shadow
Faceless horror Demonic Level *5+ Rare Physical
Sinister witch Corrupted Level *6+ Rare Shadow
Raven demon Demonic Level *7+ Very rare Shadow
Wraith Ethereal Level *8+ Epic Ice
Nether wyrm Draconic Level *9+ Epic Shadow
Harbinger Undead Level *0+ Legendary Holy
Bogeyman Undead epic boss Level *0+ Epic Shadow
Harvest lord Demonic epic boss Level *0+ Legendary Shadow
Spider queen Abominable epic boss Level *0+ Epic Toxic


Creatures drop a variety of loot items. Some loot drops are very common; some are very rare.

Common loot

Among the items that are commonly dropped as loot (in the western field of the dead and elsewhere) are:

Uncommon loot

Among the items that are dropped as loot in the western field of the dead and in at least one non-portal location include:

Special event loot

Loot items that are dropped during the special events held in the western field of the dead include:

Club noir


The Wandering trainer can, in the western field of the dead only, help you dominate three new servants if you have acquired sufficient words of command for each of them:


The wandering trainer has one quest for you in the western field of the dead:


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