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Defensive buff procs



Wards are procs that reduce the damage taken.

This page is about damage taken from a particular type of creature.

There are also damage-type wards that reduce the damage taken from a particular school of damage.

Defensive-only wards

Defensive wards from coffins usually have their damage reduction amount listed separately from the damage prevented by other -wards.


Wards stack.

If you are trying to maximize the amount of damage from a particular type of creature that you can remove, your best bet is to go for the two strongest wards you can manage. This will remove more damage than multiple smaller value wards.

Wards are multiplied together to determine the amount of damage you will take (the amount of damage that will be reduced), so fewer sources of higher levels is more effective than more sources of lower levels. So bloodward 5 + bloodward 3 (0.75 x 0.85) means that you take 63.8% of damage. This is more effective than 4 lots of bloodward 2 (0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9) which means that you take 65.6% of damage.


Ward Reduces the damage
taken from
Bloodward Vampiric creatures and other players
Demonward Demonic creatures
Dragonward Draconic creatures
Lifeward Corrupted creatures
Lightward Righteous creatures
Spiritward Ethereal creatures
Techward Techno creatures
Terrorward Abominable creatures
Wildward Bestial creatures
Wolfward Lycanthrope creatures
Xenoward Xeno creatures

Damage reduction

The amount of damage that is reduced varies by the ward proc's level:

Ward level Additional damage reduction percentage
Level 1 -5% of final damage amount
Level 2 -10% of final damage amount
Level 3 -15% of final damage amount
Level 4 -20% of final damage amount
Level 5 -25% of final damage amount

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