War phoenix

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War phoenix
Servants-War phoenix.jpg
     Bloodlust used: 0
     Interception chance: 15%
     Passive attack chance: 15%

Procs-Incinerate icon.png  Deals fire damage
Procs-Ignite.png  Proc: Ignite level 2
Procs-Toughness.png   Proc: Toughness level 1
Procs-Evasion.png  Proc: Evasion
Procs-Eruption.png  Proc: Eruption level 3
Procs-Flame wall.png  Proc: Flame wall
Procs-Flame touch.png  Proc: Flame touch
Procs-Firecurse.png  Proc: Firecurse level 2


Professor, Harry gasped.
"Your bird - I couldn’t do anything -
he just caught fire -"

— J.K. Rowling


War Phoenix is a Servant.


You must acquire 20 war phoenix words of command to dominate the war phoenix.


Once during each battle, your war phoenix servant can deal fire damage against an opponent. You can choose if and when to deal such damage in each battle.

Passive abilities

The war phoenix increases your critical weapon damage by 10%.

Battle stats

If the war phoenix is selected as your primary servant, the following battle stats will apply:

  • The war phoenix uses 0 units of bloodlust per attack.
  • The war phoenix has a 15% chance of intercepting an opponent's attack on you.
  • The war phoenix has a 15% chance of making a passive attack on an attacker during PvP.


You may gain one or more of the following procs while using the war phoenix:

Words of command

The war phoenix servant can be acquired by accumulating 20 war phoenix words of command and turning them in to the old witch, the local trainer in the Crows Hills Cemetery nightmare mode.


You can occasionally acquire a war phoenix word of command as loot when you defeat one of the following creatures:


You cannot trade or give a war phoenix to another player.


  • The war phoenix was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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