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The wandering merchant is the local merchant for three special event locations:

The wandering merchant sometimes sells particularly exotic items or can help you craft even more esoteric ones.


You can freely visit the wandering merchant while in any of the three special event locations, without the need for a special magical item.


All crafted items are bound to their creator, meaning that they can not be sold or gifted to another player.

Item Name Item Type Level required
Ed Gein Saw Weapon Level 60
Leatherface Saw Weapon Level 90
Bonewyrm Vindicator Mount Level 50
Farmers Overalls Chest armor Level 60
Harvesters Overalls Chest armor Level 90
Carrion Grinder Accessory Level 41
Mesh Pitch Accessory Level 51
Grave Marker Accessory Level 51
Haunted Dreamcatcher Accessory Level 70
Cursed Darkwolf Medallion Accessory Level 70
Iridescent Eye of Ra Accessory Level 70
Sparkling Scarab Talisman Accessory Level 70
Farmers Belt Belt Level 60
Harvesters Belt Belt Level 90
Hillbilly Sash Belt Level 61
Farmers Cap Head armor Level 60
Harvesters Cap Head armor Level 90
Farmers Gloves Hand armor Level 60
Harvesters Gloves Hand armor Level 90
Farmers Gumboots Boots Level 60
Harvesters Gumboots Boots Level 90


The wandering merchant has many items for sale, but they will cost you!


The following scrolls can be purchased from the wandering merchant:

Scroll Cost Unit
Bad omen 200 Blood sapphires
Blessing from the elders 200 Blood sapphires
Curse of the bat 200 Blood sapphires
Immolation 200 Blood sapphires
Shroud of darkness 200 Blood sapphires
The longest night 200 Blood sapphires

Words of command

The following words of command can be purchased from the wandering merchant:

Word of command Cost Unit
Black cat 300 Blood sapphires
Blood maiden 300 Blood sapphires
Hellcore hound 300 Blood sapphires
Skeleton retainer 250 Blood sapphires
Spirit talker 250 Blood sapphires

Crafting materials

The wandering merchant has also acquired a supply of rare crafting materialscrafting materials that are not tradeable and not otherwise available except by gathering them as loot.

If you are impatient, and have the blood sapphires buring a hole in your pocket ... indulge!

But don't say we didn't warn you ... !

Crafting material Cost Unit
24-core processor 250 Blood sapphires
Ankh 120 Blood sapphires
Blooming life 100 Blood sapphires
Cow horn 250 Blood sapphires
Demon horn 100 Blood sapphires
Essence of the lost one 500 Blood sapphires
Fusion rod 100 Blood sapphires
Hunting journal: Deception of the scorpion 2000 Blood sapphires
Hunting journal: Frost ram for beginners 3000 Blood sapphires
Hunting journal: How to tame your raptor 2000 Blood sapphires
Necronomicon page 300 Blood sapphires
Power cell 100 Blood sapphires
Soul shard 250 Blood sapphires
Summoning ritual: Moloch 2000 Blood sapphires
Secret manual: Hellfire chopper 2000 Blood sapphires
Unholy essence 100 Blood sapphires
Venom extract 100 Blood sapphires

Summoning items

The following summoning items can be purchased from the wandering merchant:

Summoning item Region Cost Unit
Ancient shuriken 4Oldtown 50 Blood sapphires
Desecrated earth 1Crows Hill Cemetery 50 Blood sapphires
Frozen Flame 1 Mount Messmer 50 Blood diamonds
Golden scarab 7Dust devil desert 50 Blood sapphires
Nether portal 6Infernal planes 50 Blood sapphires
Red sector card 5Abandoned industrial complex 50 Blood sapphires
Rotten cheese 3Underground Sewers 50 Blood diamonds
Threat matrix device 9Cyberlabs inc. 50 Blood sapphires
Urn 8McCloud Manor 50 Blood sapphires
Werewolf whistle 2Dark Forest 50 Blood sapphires


  • 28 October 2010: The wandering merchant was added to Chronicles of Blood.
  • 20 March 2012: The wandering merchant's territories were expanded with the introduction of the Western field of the dead.
  • 12 April 2012: The acceptable currency at the wandering merchant's changed from blood diamonds to blood sapphires.
  • 25 October 2012: The house of the 7 sins began employing the services of the wandering merchant.

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