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Vulnerability procs are defensive liabilities that cause the player, creature or boss that gains them to take additional damage of a particular type.


Vulnerability procs have a chance (ranging from a small percentage chance to 100% chance) of being gained in battle.

Vulnerability procs are gained at the start of combat.


The amount of additional damage from a vulnerability proc varies depending on the vulnerability proc's level:

Vulnerability proc
percentage increase
Level 1 +5% of final damage-type total
Level 2 +10% of final damage-type total
Level 3 +15% of final damage-type total
Level 4 +20% of final damage-type total
Level 5 +25% of final damage-type total


Proc name Vulnerable to
Vulnerabilities-Ballistic.png Ballistic vulnerability Ballistic damage
Vulnerabilities-Electric.png Electric vulnerability Electric damage
Vulnerabilities-Fire.png Fire vulnerability Fire damage
Vulnerabilities-Holy.png Holy vulnerability Holy damage
Vulnerabilities-Physical.png Physical vulnerability Physical damage
Procs-Mystic vulnerability.png Mystic vulnerability Mystic damage
Vulnerabilities-Ice.png Ice vulnerability Ice damage
Procs-Weak minded.png Weak-minded Psychic damage

Other info


If you have more than one item in your setup with a particular vulnerability that procs, the amounts of each vulnerability are added together to determine your total vulnerability.

Vulnerability and dealing the same damage type

Particularly with coven bosses, you may fight an opponent that deals the same type of damage that they are vulnerable to.

This is a perfect example of why you should consider an opponent's entire range of procs and feats, as well as each proc's level, when selecting a weapon and set of vampiric powers to use against that opponent.

A damage-type vulnerability can be a useful starting point to defeat an opponent. But it may also be the wrong choice. Think before making an "easy" choice!

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