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Victory points (also known as VP) are a type of currency that can only be gained through player-vs-player battles (PvP) or through PvP quests.

VP can be used to buy (or help to buy) weapons, armor, accessories, coffins, and mounts that are specifically designed for PvP.

VP cannot be deposited into the bank and cannot be stolen if you lose a battle.

Starting a battle

You must pay 2 VP to attack another player.

If you defeat the other player, you get those VP back. If you are defeated by the other player, then you forfeit the VP you paid to start the battle.

Gaining VP

You can gain between 3 and 5 VP by defeating a player who is at the same level you are or who is up to 5 levels higher than you are.

You can also win victory points by successfully defending yourself against a PvP attack. That attack must be made by someone at the same level or up to 5 levels above you.

VP are not gained when you defeat someone who is at a lower level than you are.

Victory points calculations

The basic amount of VP you earn as the attacker, for beating another player, is 5 VP per battle (unless of course this is an avatar wars battle...

The number of VP you actually receive, however, is adjusted based on:

  • Who started the battle; and
  • What the level difference between the two players is.

Except for avatar wars, victory points are calculated as follows:

  • If the level of the loser minus the level of the winner is greater than or equal to -1 the winner gets (3 + Level difference) Victory points
  • If the fight is between an avatar wars pairing, these Victory points are doubled.
  • Attackers who win a fight will have the 2 VP they spent to start the battle refunded
  • Defenders who win a fight now even get one VP when their level is up to 3 levels higher than that of the attacker. (Before they only got VPs when their level was one level higher). Simpler: Defending gets you more VPs!

What does that mean in practice?

Offensive wins

  • If you defeat another person who is on the same level as you, you gain 5 VP. Minus the 2 VP required to start the battle, you have a net gain of 3 VP;
  • If you defeat someone who is at a higher level than you, you gain one extra VP per level, up to a maximum of 3 bonus VP. Minus the 2 VP required to start the battle, you have a net gain of 4, 5, or 6 VP;
  • If you defeat someone who is at a lower level than you, your VP gain is reduced by 1 per level down to a minimum of 1 VP. So, if you're level 20 and attack and then win against someone level 18, you will only gain 1 VP.

Defensive wins

  • If the player who attacked you is on the same level as you and you win, you gain 3 VP;
  • If the player who attacked you is above your level and you win, you gain 4, 5, or 6 VP;
  • If the player who attacked you is below your level and you win, you gain 0 or 2 VP.

Platform variability

Icons-Kong.png                Players above Level 60 on these platforms get an additional VP when winning.

This change may be temporary, since it is designed to make it easier for higher-level players (where there are not many level-appropriate PvP opponents) to gain VPs or to get into PvP if they haven’t so far.

It's a trap

The defensive PvP quest It's a trap awards 150 VPs for successful completion.

Prior to the introduction of avatar wars. the it's a trap quest was worth 200 VPs when it was completed

You can also gain VP from completing quests from Ivan the battlemaster.


The quests that give VPs as part of their reward include:

Shops-Mount from battlemaster.jpg


See the battlemaster's store page to view the items that require victory points to purchase (in whole or in part).

Tracking VPs

You can track your VPs on your My vampire page. You can see the number of VPs currently available and the total number of VPs that have been earned.


  • 1 June 2010: Victory points were included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood

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