Vampiric powers

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Vampiric powers
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Vampiric powers are supernatural, unholy powers that you learn during your existence as a vampire.

Vampiric powers have procs as well as special feats. A feat generally says "Use" next to it in the power's description.

Procs can occur randomly; you must specifically activate a feat.

Equipping vampiric powers

At any one time, you may have only two powers actively available.

If you have two vampiric powers selected, you must de-select one power before activating a new power.

De-selecting one power and replacing it with a second power immediately sends that second power into cooldown. Learn more about each vampiric power on its individual page.


Among the powers your vampire can acquire are:

Power name Feat Scrolls found Damage type Target Category
Absolute cold
Below zero Mount Messmer Ice damage Offensive
Agonizing acupuncture Incapacitate Oldtown Corrupted Disruptive
Aikido mastery Enrage Oldtown Physical Offensive
Arcane turbulence Empowered netherbolt McCloud Manor Mystic Offensive
Army from nothing     Army from nothing
Arrow to the knee     Arrow to the knee
Astral projection Empowered netherbolt Loot or Quest reward in Vangoth castle portal Mystic Offensive
Bad omen Shadowdance Underground Sewers Disruptive
Banshee shriek Empowered lifeleech McCloud Manor Offensive
Blacksmith's blessing Empowered execute Lair of the dragons
Blessing from the elders Blood stream Dark Forest Healing
Blessings of the undead king     Blessings of the undead king
Empowered deflection
Bloodshift Bloodcloak PvP Disruptive
Bone grinder Grindstorm Quest reward
in Crows Hill Cemetery
Physical Undead creatures Offensive
Bovine boon Blood stream Red pastures Healing
Celerity Shadowdance PvP Shadow Defensive
Chloromancy Wither PvP Disruptive
Cobra stare Incapacitate Dust devil desert Toxic Disruptive
Command vermin Empowered rend Crows Hill Cemetery Physical Offensive
Cosmic rays Remove condition Crashed spaceship Defensive
Counterattack Empowered deflection PvP Defensive
Create illusion of beauty Sever blood bond Underground Sewers Disruptive
Cripple Lethal wound Crashed spaceship Ballistic Offensive
Cryogenic touch Incapacitate Loot from icy coven boss in Mount Messmer Offensive
Crystal array     Crystal array
Curse of the bat Empowered blacken Western field of the dead Offensive
Cyclone Empowered nethershock Dust devil desert Mystic Offensive
Darkcrawler ambush     Darkcrawler ambush
Darkest depths Empowered corrupt innocence Underwater city Shadow Righteous creatures Offensive
Death chill Empowered freeze Field of the dead Ice Offensive
Deathflower Empowered envenom Vangoth castle Toxic Offensive
Decay Empowered lifeleech Underground Sewers Offensive
Demonic rites Smite Infernal planes Shadow Disruptive
Diablerie Empowered lifeleech PvP Vampiric creatures Offensive & defensive
Doom Hex Loot from epic bosses in
Crows Hill Cemetery
Disruptive power
Earthmend Restoration Dark Forest Healing
Eclipse of doom     Eclipse of doom
Empowered nightfall
Edict of the archon Bloodhunt PvP Vampiric creatures and other players in PvP Offensive
Electrocute Empowered shock Loot from epic bosses
in Abandoned industrial complex
Electric Offensive
End of all hope Empowered corruption Loot from coven bosses Shadow Offensive
Eternal oblivion Empowered nightfall Crows Hill crypt Shadow Offensive
Eternal salvation Redemption Crows Hill crypt Holy Offensive
Eye of Horus UV burst Quest reward
in Dust devil desert
Electric Vampiric bosses only Offensive
Flurry Enrage Crashed spaceship Physical Offensive
Forcefield Elysium PvP loot Vampiric creatures (non-boss) and other players Defensive
Frenzy Pestilence Dark Forest Toxic Offensive
Gehenna Holy lance Quest reward
in Infernal planes
Holy Demonic creatures Offensive
Ghost in the machine Shutdown McCloud Manor Electric Offensive
Ghost trapping Empowered nethershock Quest reward
in McCloud Manor
Mystic Offensive
Glacierstrike Empowered ice Mount Messmer Ice damage Frozen targets Offensive
Glamour Tactical retreat PvP Disruptive
Grave touch Empowered nightfall Crows Hill Cemetery Shadow Offensive
Hawkeyes Focused shot Oldtown Ballistic Offensive
Heatwave Empowered fireball Mount Messmer Fire Offensive
Hidden temple     Hidden temple
Incapacitate Lost Island Defensive
Hunger of the beast Blood stream Loot from epic bosses
in Dark Forest
Lycanthrope creatures Healing & offensive
Immolation Empowered fireball Crows Hill Cemetery &
Infernal planes
Fire Offensive
Infecting strike Blood plague Dread jungle Toxic Offensive
Inferno Empowered incinerate Loot from coven bosses Fire Offensive
Iron will Remove condition PvP Disruptive
Lambs to the slaughter Empowered rend Loot from coven bosses Physical Offensive
Last stand Redemption Prey for blood Holy Offensive
Let the world burn Empowered fireball Infernal planes Fire Offensive
Lightning strike Empowered discharge Abandoned industrial complex Electric Offensive
Lock target Focused shot Cyberlabs inc. Ballistic Offensive
Marked for death Lethal wound Loot from epic bosses
in Oldtown
Ballistic Offensive
Megalomania Smite Assist loot Offensive
Mind over matter Empowered mindspike Loot or Quest reward
in Dark oblivion
Psychic Offensive
Mindburn Empowered brainblast Loot from Flame vampire
or quest reward
in Dark oblivion
Psychic Offensive
Modern warfare Malfunction Loot Electric Techno Offensive
Monsterslayer Empowered blaze Quest reward
in Underground Sewers
Fire Abominable creatires Offensive
Mootilate Pestilence Red pastures Anti-healing Offensive
Mystic maelstrom Empowered dracospear Loot
in Secret laboratory and Blood altar
Mystic Draconic creatures Offensive
Nemesis Empowered soulburn Quest reward
in Oldtown
Shadow Corrupted creatures Offensive
Nightmare scream Empowered mindspike Underwater city Psychic Offensive
Order 66 Empowered gammaburn Crashed spaceship Psychic Xeno creatures Offensive
Path of the righteous Redemption Crows Hill Cemetery Holy Offensive
Plague bolt Destroy blood cells Dread jungle Cause status effect weak-blooded Offensive
Planetary defense Empowered thetablast Loot Psychic Xeno creatures Offensive
Purge Empowered envenom Dark Forest Toxic Offensive
Pyromancy Empowered incinerate Infernal planes Fire Offensive
Rain of scarabs Pestilence Dust devil desert Anti-healing Offensive
Raise skeletons Empowered frostbite Crows Hill Cemetery Ice Offensive
Rhythm of the wardrums Empowered envenom Dread jungle Toxic Offensive
Sanctuary in the sands Empowered deflection Dust devil desert Defensive
Shattered reality Blackout Loot from Forgotten one
in Dark oblivion
Psychic Defensive
Shelter of the herd Restoration Red pastures Defensive
Shroud of darkness Shadowdance Field of the dead Defensive
Siphon life     Siphon life
Empowered lifeleech PvP Vampiric creatures and other players Offensive

Snowstorm Empowered frostfist Mount Messmer Ice damage Offensive
Soul strike Empowered iceblast Abandoned industrial complex Ice damage Offensive
Starstorm     Starstorm
Empowered netherbolt
Stormfury Empowered discharge Underwater city Electric Offensive
The longest night Force of will Field of the dead Disruptive
Thunderclap Empowered shock Underwater city Electric Conducting targets Offensiev
Thunderstrike Incapacitate Cyberlabs inc. Electric Offensive
Under a red moon Silver bulletstorm Quest reward
in Dark Forest
Ballistic Lycanthrope creatures Offensive
Vamp vs. wild Dissolve flesh Quest reward
in Abandoned industrial complex
Toxic Bestial creatures Offensive
Vampire heart Bloodhunt Loot Vampiric creatures and other players Offensive
Vengeance Enrage PvP Physical Defensive
Venomtongue Blood plague Loot from epic bosses
in Underground Sewers
Toxic Offensive
Vile swarm Empowered corruption Underground Sewers Shadow Offensive
Voodoo mastery Empowered etherbolt Dread jungle Mystic Ethereal creatures Offensive
Winterfall Below zero Loot in Mount Messmer Disruptive


Sorting and classifying

There are lots of ways to sort vampiric powers:

We have been or will be adding pages to show the majority of these categories and which powers fit where.


When you actively use a vampiric power's feat in a battle to affect its outcome, you must then allow the power to cooldown before using it again. Cooldowns can range from 30 to 60 minutes.

If you swap a new power into your setup, that power's feat goes immediately on cooldown.


Vampiric powers range from level 1 to 5. To initially learn a power, a player has to acquire and read one scroll of the same name as the power.

They then must read an additional number of scrolls to reach a higher level:

Power level Number of scrolls
to reach next level
Player level
required to use
1 10 1
2 25 11
3 50 21
4 100 31
5 150 51

Joker scrolls

Joker scrolls can be used as wildcards to make up the total number of scrolls required to advance a vampiric power to the next level.

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