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Creatures and bosses


Players, creatures and bosses


Other players are vampiric in nature.

Use the procs and feats that work against the vampiric creatures work against other players too.


Among the vampiric creatures found in Chronicles of Blood are:

Limited-availability creatures

The following creatures from special event and portal locations are also vampiric in nature:

Epic bosses

Among the vampiric epic bosses found in Chronicles of Blood are:

Coven bosses

Any coven boss may be discovered to be vampiric at the start of battle.

Opposing the vampirics


Among the procs that are focused on other players, vampiric creatures, or vampiric bosses are:


The feats that specifically target vampiric players, creatures or bosses are:

  • Feats-Elysium.png  Elysium: Elysium is a defensive buff feat that reduces the amount of damage taken from vampiric creatures and from other players in PvP.
  • Procs-Bloodbane icon.png  Bloodhunt: The bloodhunt feat increases the damage dealt against vampiric creatures and against other players in PvP for the remainder of a battle after it has been activated.


The glyph of torpor and the glyph of decay both have procs that specifically target vampiric creatures and other players.

You must defeat other players and vampiric creatures to level up the glyphs:

Glyphs Level No. of hunts
to next level
Total no. of hunts
Glyph of torpor
Glyph of decay
Glyph of protection
0 Blue arrow right.png 1 500 vampiric creatures 500 vampiric creatures
1 Blue arrow right.png 2 500 vampiric creatures 1000 vampiric creatures
2 Blue arrow right.png 3 1000 vampiric creatures 2000 vampiric creatures

Vampiric powers

The following vampiric powers have procs and feats that are focused on vampiric creatures, players or bosses:

Using the feats, procs and glyphs against vampiric creatures

See the individual feat and proc pages to find the equipment that use each of them and the levels of damage or protection that the feats and procs provide.


  • 3 June 2010: Vampiric creatures were included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.

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