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Set pages

While technically correct, "boni" is not easily understood by many non-native English speakers and by many others who didn't study Latin. While I know that's what's in the tool tip for the sets, in the wiki we prioritize understanding first.

Please review the changes I have made to the Rising sun armor page and incorporate them on any other pages you work on.

  • Bonuses, not "boni" as mentioned above.
  • The "See also" reference should be to the Sets page as shown on the Rising sun armor page, not to the Armor page.
  • All of the headers should be compound words, so: Four-piece, not four piece.


---Elaine, wiki sysop 20:12, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

Rising sun diasho

A few things to be more careful about:

  • Under description, the text should be full sentences, not just the cryptic tool tip.
So, "The Rising sun daisho increases your chances of hitting an opponent by 3%." not "Increases your chance to hit by 3%."
  • The "Procs" section has an introductory sentence before the list of procs. It was missing on this page.
  • The history items — I have now seen multiple pages in which you have managed not to properly insert the information that the item under discussion was added to the game on 6 August 2010.

---Elaine, wiki sysop 20:26, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

No worries...

I will review all the pages I edited over the last few days and make the appropriate changes.


Katana in shirasaja page

Again, a number of things that I've seen you do more than once now ...

  • In the box that appears in the upper right hand of the weapons, armor, etc. pages, you often leave a blank line between the end of one template call "}}" and the beginning of the next, "{{"". Please don't do this — it makes the box look incomplete and silly.
  • In the quote template, there is no need to include opening and closing quotation marks ... the italicized text conveys the same information silently, as does the larger type size.
  • In the Description section on the Katana page, as an example, there are two paragraphs. That means you leave a blank line between the two paragraphs, not just a single use of the "Enter" key (or a <br/> tag) between them.
  • In the Requirements section, you have on several pages not deleted the portions of the sentence that are not germane to the item in question. On the Katana page, for example, you left a sentence that read: "You must be at least level 45 and have at least 28 rage constitution points to purchase and use/craft and use/use the {{PAGENAME}}."
    The text in red in the version below should all have been deleted, and a link should have been added to the word "rage".
    "You must be at least level 45 and have at least 28 rage constitution points to purchase and use/craft and use/use the {{PAGENAME}}."
  • In the "Damages" section, you have not been linking to the damage type page, and you generally have the word "damage" present twice. All you have to do in that section is plug in the numbers, insert the beginning of a link and the damage type, and place the endlink code "]]" following the word damage.
  • If you're going to add a new category to a page, you need to put a colon following the word "Category".

You can review the differences in detail by going to the Katana page, going to the history tab, and selecting the radio buttons next to the last version you worked on and the most recent that I have worked on to see the changes between old content and new content highlighted.

---Elaine, wiki sysop 06:45, 14 August 2010 (UTC)

(PS >>> time spent documenting the problems: more than twice as much as it took me to fix them. )

New proc templates or list item templates

If you're working on a page that requires the creation of new templates, such as on the Gotterdammerung page, it's much more helpful to me (and for our audience) if you take the time to drop me a note mentioning that those templates are not yet available, rather than just leaving the page half-done and waiting until I happen to review the page and discover the problem myself.

---Elaine, wiki sysop 06:50, 14 August 2010 (UTC)

Honestly apologize

I know it takes you minutes to make things right, and longer to explain it to me, but I really do appreciate you teaching me the ropes. I promise I won't make those mistakes again.

On a plus side, andi is sending me a new gallery of pics so i'll upload them as soon as the huge file downloads.

Please see the note I sent to you before doing anything more.


---Elaine, wiki sysop 16:57, 14 August 2010 (UTC)

A weapon example: The Freezer

I have just reviewed the work you have done on The freezer page, and have comments and corrections for you.

  • When an item name begins with the word "The", it is wise to ensure that you do not have a page where "The The" shows up all over the place. Unfortunately, the freezer page, had "the the" all over it and you missed them.
  • In the requirements section, you once again failed to select among "purchase and use/ craft and use / use" despite my pointing out that problem yesterday.
    Since the freezer is a crafted weapon, that sentence should read, "You must be at least level 50 and have at least 21 control and 36 constitution points to craft and use Perriah."
    Instead, your version of the page had "You must be at least level 50 and have at least 21 control and 36 constitution points to purchase and use/craft and use/use the Perriah."
  • Under "Info" you omitted/removed the "Source" section which should have been present and read "You must craft Perriah with the assistance of Smuggler, the merchant in Abandoned industrial complex."

---Elaine, wiki sysop 05:35, 15 August 2010 (UTC)


Dang! ... ok, was following an earlier format for the source part, having the ===crafting=== menu under the materials needed saying where and from who. since it'd be redundant to have both, I'll re-insert the source menu and delete the crafting menu.

I will go back and change all of the crafted weapons to the new (and old but correct) format.

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