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Talk to me!

Welcome to my Talk page. If you have a comment or a question or a suggestion (or anything else you want to say to me), this is the place to do that!

Please use the + sign at the top of the page to add a new section to the page, and then put your comment in that new section.

Please also use the signature button (at the top of the editing box, the second button from the right) to sign your comment when you are done. That makes it much easier for me to respond to you (and keeps me from getting cranky when I have to spend time figuring out who you are).

Thanks for being willing to help ... we appreciate all assistance!
---Elaine, wiki sysop 00:25, 13 June 2010 (UTC)

Page trimmed for ease of use (but all comments are saved). ---Elaine, wiki sysop 22:10, 15 March 2010 (UTC)

If you tried to set up a wiki editing account and have been blocked

Leave me a note here or send me a note through Facebook telling me who you are and why you want to help with the wiki.

I apologize for doing this but we have been plagued by spammers lately and since bots are unlikely to interact well with humans, this is our interim solution.

---Elaine, wiki sysop 22:15, 15 March 2011 (UTC)

Can't leave a link to my facebook page on my user page because I'm not authorized to create new pages.


Heading levels

Not sure what you mean, like keep it arranged by name rather than by the attributes required to equip it? -ty 00:08, 16 March 2011 (UTC)

  • I'll put this here since it relates to it rather than clutter your talk with new topics. I understand what you mean if new superior items come out with higher attribute requirements. At the same time, even when article pages are created for them, it is possible that not all items would even be listed on these pages. For example, how there were some items I added to Rage (weapons mostly) and how people might not even know these items and their attribute requirements existed at all. I guess I figured if there was something new with extraordinary requirements, someone might notice the 'highest' statement and replace the new item if it exceeded it. Is it possible perhaps to do an "as of" date, where the highest 'known' attribute requirements as of a certain date was whatever item we know of being the highest? This way if it was an old date, people may be more likely to be out on the look for new undiscovered items which haven't been mentioned? Also sorry about the Necromancer set thing. Even though they're not of the same set, I thought people might find them culturally related due to the name, since necro is a popular theme to many (diablo 2, etc). Didn't know about bolding policy being different from other wikis, will try to remember to avoid doing that. -ty 21:20, 15 April 2011 (UTC)


So, you think Control really is "about offense, aggression, and the ability to attack.", the exact same line as is used in Rage? Even though lines above & below that in that section say that Control is a defensive talent?

Err, nvm, looks like you've removed it again after reverting my edit.

I'd just seen that "Reverted edits by Mmatton (Talk) to last revision" in the log and didn't notice the further changes later on. Was too early to think straight :)

Mmatton 14:09, 17 March 2011 (UTC)

hydra heads

whoops sorry must have gotten too excited. and yes i always check preview first before i save changes. didnt know about the history button though. -Rionyamato 19:51, 7 April 2011

Chain attack report

Hi Elaine,

I thought I would drop in and say what I did regarding the chain attack. Just in case.

I added the chain attack proc on all the weapons listed in the chain attack page (I think) except for the staff of insanity as it was still under construction and I didn't really want to mess it up any further.

Hope you understand that I was actually trying to help you and the wiki. If anything didn't go the way it was intended to, I am sorry. It was not the best of my intentions.

Sorry for the inconvenience. And, oh, happy birthday! :)

--Barneedhar 06:26, 20 June 2011 (UTC)

edit summary box

ok i'll fill them up when i edit now =D

--Skol 15:06, 11 August 2011 (UTC)

Sorry for the last change!

Ohhh...didn't know that...will remember that for sure!! Thanks for informing :D

New Contributor

Cheers Elaine, I'd like to start helping maintain the CoB Wiki. Just dropping you a line as per the instructions to let you know that I'm getting involved.

If you can let me know how to create my User Page will set that up and add a link to my FB profile. Right now, I can't see any way to create that page. Here is my link: Facebook: Chris Beattie

--GrandGouda 19:30, 31 October 2011 (UTC)

You're Welcome!

Glad to be a help, Elaine.. :)

Uhmm.. In case you didn't notice.. There are some 'inconsistencies' on vampiric power pages.. In info section, to be exact, some pages use a table to describe the power's growth (feat, proc, and cooldown) but some other only display a brief description about it. Just for comparison, you can go to Agonizing Acupuncture and Aikido Mastery, then compare them to Banshee Shriek or Blessing from the Elders. They're different. Aren't there any template that we could use, so that every vampiric power pages would display their information in an uniform format? Thanks.. :D

-- vincentiusferrer, just a minor contributor 13:31, 24 November 2011 (UTC)

Delete my account

Please delete my account on the wiki. This includes the list of contributions, my user page, my talk page and including this message on your page when you are done deleting my account. Thanks.

--Barneedhar 03:40, 29 March 2012 (UTC)


Hi Elaine,

Sorry about the Masterful dragonstaff that was a major typo on my part. Nibbler: I was trying to make corrupted wood stay on the same line but I didn't know how to do so. Crafting: I'll make sure to add the proper links.

Thanks for the sms code breakdown :) I had copied and pasted from another item that's why they were saying {{sms|aab}} for everything. I like to learn new things so I appreciate you taking the time to tell me, what I need to know to do it right. Items that affect PvCB loot --Aleshyia 20:56, 15 July 2013 (UTC)

Hi Elaine,

I fixed my previous sms errors on this page Accessories I can you take a look and let me know if I have sms down pat?

Thank you --Aleshyia 21:08, 15 July 2013 (UTC)

Hi Elaine,

Take a look at the Accessories I page there is duplicate info to the bottom of the page.

--Aleshyia 16:58, 17 July 2013 (UTC)

Wrath of the legion

The Wrath of the legion proc says: Wrath of the legion is a direct damage proc that activates only during epic boss fights for players on the direct CoB platform and the Facebook platform] ONLY. Players on the [Kongregate] and [Armor Games] platforms cannot gain the wrath of the legion proc in battle because they do not require assist clicks (including help from the shadows.

but I gained it today when fighting a boss; I am playing on I didn't want to change it since it's stressed that its not available on platform. --Aleshyia 14:04, 26 July 2013 (UTC)

It says: wrath of the legion dealt 494 shadow damage to Ivan, alpha werewolf. I have a screenshot I took that day cause I wanted to know how come I hit that hard lol --Aleshyia 00:08, 1 August 2013 (UTC)

Wrath of the Legion

Here you go :) I've killed a couple more bosses since I took this and I am still getting Wrath of the legion about every 5 to 6 attacks ForElaine.png

Vangoth castle — new pages

Hi Elaine

Sorry I haven't been on in a while; the other game I play has added a lot of new content so I was updating the wiki there.

Anything you want to give me to do is fine.

Also while I was in Crows Hill Cemetery I noticed the graphics for two of the monsters have changed, skeleton and skeleton warrior.--Aleshyia 19:25, 22 September 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for adding me and a question

Hello and thanks for adding me here.

I added some info in the wiki and some images.. still learning :)

Cya around :) Midian

Yea, sorry about the image mess and for the gray boxes, i got it :) Midian 20:13, 13 Jan 2014 (GMT+2)

Skyrider drones

Heya Elaine:)

I'm adding some more info, but I cant find the WoC image in the gallery. I'm going to add one if that's ok. ---Midian 11:20, 20 January 2014 (GMT+2)

Question about the Secret Laboratory - Blood Altar

First of all, heya Elaine !

I wanted to ask if you are going to add the Blood Altar area as a seperate area or in the Secret Lab section.

If you are planning on adding it to the Secret Lab, shall I go ahead to add info about other creatures also?

Take care ---Midian 11:36, 1 May 2014 (GMT +2)

Servants list

I'm checking the list again. For example, I updated the Cockatrice's -1 bl on pvb. I corrected Femme fatale and Shadowfrost demon (individual pages) also which I had missed.

On a side note, ok, now I got it, what you mean about calling page templates, I'll keep it in mind.

---Midian 9:29, 11 May 2014 (GMT +2)

Several questions about edition


I have been editing some pages around, and one thing that I dont know how to do is to edit the Image with procs that appears on the right side on many weapons and accesories, nevermind just noticed the tab "EDIT" at the top of the page.

I also have a request about the creation of a template for cooldown on quests, that way we just have to input the time and the section with the format will be there. My suggestion would be:

 The cooldown for this quest is <<time>> hrs after finishing it.

The other thing is how in the hell do you create a new page, with all the dings and bells (image files), I started bodyshaper, under construccion.

And for last by now, with the cleanup update from the devs I have info to work with, but from where can we obtain that info, where are the collaborations or information from other players?

Well I leave this questions for you by now

Rhame-- UPDATED Rhame 02:19, 12 August 2014 (UTC)

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