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Items that affect PVCB loot page

Hi! I see you were willing to take on big challenges right from the start — that's great.

As I'd expect for somebody trying to get used to a new wiki setup, there were a number of small things that I had to fix, so I wanted to go over the list with you in some detail and, I hope, explain any points of confusion. (Remember, it's always fine to ask questions if you don't understand something!)

Probably the easiest way for you to see the differences is to pull up the actual page in another browser tab and compare the differneces between the current state of the page and your edits.

I'm going to try to walk through this step-by-step...


On all of the weapons, you classified them as the type of weapon they were ... for the purposes of this type of table, we want all of those things to be easily comparable against each other, which is why they were all moved up a level to [[Weapon]].

SMS template and codes

The sms template is a shorthand for a template that lets us easily and quickly enter an alpha code to make sure that the Level numbers (in this instance) will sort correctly.

You used {{sms|aab}} for pretty much everything I think. But "aab" is the alpha code in this system for "1" (or more accurately, "001".

Letters are assigned to each digit of a number based on the following:

All sms codes should be 3 characters long, with the characters defined as follows:

0  =  a
1  =  b
2  =  c
3  =  d
4  =  e
5  =  f
6  =  g
7  =  h
8  =  i
9  =  j

so, 33 = {{sms|add}}; 65 = {{sms|agf}}; 4 = {{sms|aae}}.

(I hope that makes sense to you! If not, please ask!) I corrected all of the sms codes for the current items in the table ... you can see how they differ when you look at the edit view of the page.


The content of the "Location" column is only centered when all it holds is an -ndash, indicating that there is no location applicable for a particular item.

So I removed all the "align-center" on real locations, and made sure that the initial letter of each location name is capped when it appears in a list/table format like this.

Crafting links

When the source for an item is "crafting" we want the link to go to the crafting materials on that item's page (not to a generic "let's talk about crafting" page. So, for example, you would get the link for the Masterful dragonstaff by entering [[Masterful dragonstaff#Crafting materials|Crafting]]

Masterful dragonstaff

You had the source for the masterful dragonstaff being "Donation thank-you", but you also showed a location "Lair of the dragons" ... that's a hint that something isn't quite right ... try to be aware of those things. In fact, the masterful dragonstaff is crafted, not a donation thank-you ...


Most of what I did on the nibbler item was cosmetic ... Because there were multiple lines in the "specific loot" column, I wanted the lines with single lines of text in them to be aligned at the top -- that's what that |-valign=top does.

I also hate having things like corrupted wood split in the middle, particuarly when the table engine is automatically giving a lot more column width to the final column, so I forced some "nowrap"s to make it look better (I don't recommend you trying to do this ... its just one of the places my OCD peeks through!)

Again, all the individual items when in a list like this should begin with a capital letter.

And I expanded a bit on the source there, because its useful to note that the trainer you turn these WoCs in to is only available during special events.

Stormbringer's bladestaff

Here, you were dipping in with a bit too much detail for what this level/type of table should be aiming at. It's fine for that sort of thing to just say "Crafting" or even, as I made it here, "Crafting plus" but we don't want the specific gory details there in the same way that we don't want specific donation amounts associated with the donation thank-you ... because that way, we don't have to run around to clean up a lot of stuff every time the cost of crafting or donating for a particular item changes.

The details of the cost in addition to crafting are in several places, the item page, the merchant page, etc. ... for a high-level overview of what items you can add to your setup to increase your chance at coven boss loot, giving all the cost details is overkill.

Underground blogger

The underground blogger servant is a general increased chance, and that info needed to be in the 3rd column of the table with its percentage, not, as you had it with "Loot" in the specific items column. Also since you have to be in Underground Sewers to get these WoCs or turn them in to the trainer, Level 1 for this one is incorrect... you have to be at least level 21 to get/use this servant.

Underwater assault rifle

Most items here are similar to things mentioned above ... I generalized the source info, fixed the sms code, changed the weapon type, etc.

I've got more comments on the underground blogger page, but I'll put that in another message — this one has gone on quite long enough!

Please let me know if you have any questions or don't understand anything in what I said here!

And thanks again for getting involved....

---Elaine, wiki sysop 19:24, 15 July 2013 (UTC)

Accessories page

Hi Aleshyla --

Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday about this page ... life got crazy!

Anyways, I've now gone through and fixed a lot of sms codes and removed a duplicated item that had crept in to the list.

I also made a couple of more fundamental decisions, and decided that there's no point in us giving the nominal level requirement for crafting something when you need to be at a higher level to actually go to the location where you can craft it (this has been an ongoing issue/concern ... it's nothing you would have naturally put together!) So all of the items from the red pastures and the dark oblivion portals have been flagged with two stars on them, and a footnote has been added explaining that the table gives the level at which it would be possible for someone to actually craft or loot or buy a particular item.

I made all the donation thank-you items have a consistent source model, and I added the crafting details for the items that require crafting.

For the sigils, I gave them the lowest level required to get into the location where they have to be crafted, not the highest.

Check the history page and do a comparison between the last version of the page you worked on and the final version I did to see all the changes.

I will be adding more items to this list from the later areas some time today too.

---Elaine, wiki sysop 17:56, 16 July 2013 (UTC)

Underground blogger page

I wanted to give you a few notes on this page, too ... as usual, use the history page to see the places where I made changes.

Part of what I did was to bring the bulk of the page up to the current standard model for servants ... again, not something you would have known about, but you can see the differences that adds.

The damage at levels 111 through 120 have all been added in, I haven't yet calculated the damage at levels 21 through 30...

You should also take a look at the template calls in the proc section, since you left out the values for the proc-name variable in both the proc level template calls ...

Also, this is one of those pages where it pays to read over the final version of the page after you've saved it ... there were a couple of places where you didn't realize that the word 'a' needed to be 'an' .... its not often apparent in the edit version of the page, but jumps out when you read the final version.


---Elaine, wiki sysop 18:04, 16 July 2013 (UTC)

The Accessories page, again!

Wow ... I seriously screwed that up somehow ... !

Okay, I *think* we're back in business, with just one version of the page text, all the sigils added, and I believe now all the levels should sort correctly, but I'm going to double-check that ...

I *think* most of the changes you made were okay, although there were so many corrections to the sms levels that I no longer remember who made which mistakes, since I know some of what I corrected were my own fault (love copy-and-paste, hate when I forget to update all the pieces that need updating.  ;-)

That was a really good catch, finding the double-text on the page ... I totally missed that!

---Elaine, wiki sysop 15:11, 18 July 2013 (UTC)

Wrath of the legion

Sometimes players confuse the "wrath of the legion" proc which is available on the FB/Standalone platforms after assist clicks have been dealt with the unholy unity proc, which specifies "legion damage" but isn't exactly the same thing as wrath of the legion.

If you see that proc again, maybe you could copy the language that shows up in the battle, so that we can double-check this ?


---Elaine, wiki sysop 23:28, 31 July 2013 (UTC)--

Wrath of the legion again

Can you please send me your screen shot of wrath of the legion so that I can show it to one of the devs and get some more info about this ?


---Elaine, wiki sysop 02:59, 2 August 2013 (UTC)

Catching up

Sorry that I've been only available sporadically — I'm hoping that things will be better this week.

I've had a chance to review a lot of your recent work and (as usual!) I have some comments for you:

Wrath of the legion

The wrath of the legion page has been re-written and is now handled as a standard proc page. (Wrath of the legion was also added to the proc list page. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!


When you make changes to a section (as on the ghoul page, please make sure that you are not inserting extra lines — I had to remove several extra lines following the loot section.

Also, when there are several categories of loot, please leave a space between the end of one class of loot and the next (as you can see, I inserted a line space before the start of the "Scrolls" (and should be "Scrolls", not "Scroll" listing).

Oak staff

If you compare your final version of the page with the current version, you can see in detail the changes that I made to this page.

One of the things to keep in mind, particularly when you are working on older pages, is that the way we handle a particular type of page, the information that we want to have on that page, etc., tends to change over time. When you start to work on a new type of page, it would be a good idea to check in to ask if there are particular things you should be aware of, or to look at the template for that type of item, to see what the current standard for that type of page is, and to see what needs to be done to bring the page to current standard.

For example:

  • We have changed the way we show images of weapons, to make them a bit clearer than originally.
  • We now specifically say in the summary box what class of weapon it is.
  • The Description section always begins with at least a sentence saying that the item is a weapon, and usually what class of weapon it is.
  • Requirements always come before Damage.
  • There are new sections for Weapons proficiency and Glyphs that have been added.
  • In general, procs should be listed (in both the summary box and in the procs section) in alphabetical order.
  • There is a new "scrap" section that needs to be added to pages to indicate if an item can be scrapped for credits or not.

Blooming life

You added seven items to the usage summary table, which was good.

But, again, the way we handle crafting material pages has been updated — so I made additional changes, including removing the prose section listing the items (just using the tables for that information not only simplifies our lives, it makes it simpler for people to find the info they are looking for more quickly).

I also added the 11 other items that use blooming life when they are crafted — checking in before starting on this page would have allowed me to explain how you can easily find the items that use a particular crafting material.

When you are working on a page like blooming life or one of the other crafting mats, please use the "What links here" link from the sidebar to find the list of all pages that are linked to the mat's page ... go to the end of the list, and work backwards up that list to check the item's page and to add it to the mat's page if it is missing. Also, please don't be fooled by one item being included on the mat page and think that everything before that has been correctly added — please continue to check up the list!

(Most) of the crafting mat pages (certainly the bound crafting mats, and many of the rarer dropped mats, also now contain a "How many" section following the usage summary to let people know how many they would need to collect to make everything that uses that mat (up to the current maximum level, obviously).

And, since some crafting mats can be scrapped for credits, you need to add the appropriate scrap section to the page as well.

Procs page

The procs list page should have had an "under construction" template on it, and should have been restricted access, since it is part of a larger rework going on but not yet public. My apologies for that error — please don't think that your contributions weren't welcome, rather I hope you can understand that this is one of those instances where it really would be hard to explain what we're trying to do with that page in the middle of the rework.

Holy damage page

All of the damage-type pages need significant re-work, its one of the items on a long list of "we'll get there eventually" wanted improvements. I know you added a couple of the adversaries that deal holy damage to that page, which is great. But I wouldn't make adding content to those pages right now a high priority item!

Thanks again ... let me know about questions!

---Elaine, wiki sysop 16:28, 5 August 2013 (UTC)

Vangoth castle — new pages

If you decide you want to work on a new page, please talk to me before you do anything so that I can make sure that you understand how to use the page templates..


---Elaine, wiki sysop 11:39, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

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