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Upgrades-Silver key.jpg     Upgrades-Gold key.jpg
Accessories-Red ink.jpg     Accessories-Contract from below.jpg
System upgrades



Upgrades add systemic functionality to your setup.


Upgrade Level req'd
to use
Functionality added

Accessories-Contract from below.jpg     Contract from below

aabLevel 1
  • Adds the ability to have a third servant slot in your setup.

Upgrades-Gold key.jpg     Gold key

ajaLevel 90
  • Adds the ability to have a sixth accessory slot to your setup.

Accessories-Red ink.jpg     Red ink

aabLevel 1
  • Adds an additional glyph slot to your setup.

Upgrades-Silver key.jpg     Silver key

ahaLevel 70
  • Adds the ability to have a fifth accessory slot to your setup.


  • 1 February 2011: The first setup upgrade item, the contract from below, was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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