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Many of the items in Chronicles of Blood can be traded to other players via the safe trading system.


The following bait is tradeable:



Among the weapons you can trade are:

Weapon Location(s) found Level required
to use
Machete This item is only available for purchase from the Battlemaster aLevel 3
Bone sword Crows Hill Cemetery bLevel 5
Meat cleaver Crows Hill Cemetery bLevel 5
Oak staff Dark Forest cLevel 14
Toxin injector Underground sewers dLevel 25
Bokken Abandoned industrial complex eLevel 44
*The bone sword was dropped as loot only between 1 June 2010 and 16 June 2010. People who have that bone sword in their inventory can continue to trade or gift it. This is not the hardened bone sword dropped by a boss.


Among the pieces of armor you can trade are:

Armor Armor type Location(s) found Level required
to use
Skin jacket Chest armor Crows Hill Cemetery aLevel 4
Sylvan cloak Chest armor Dark Forest cLevel 15
Working gloves Hand armor Underground Sewers dLevel 35
Used police combat gear Chest armor Oldtown eLevel 35
Insectoid carapace Chest armor Abandoned industrial complex fLevel 44
Stolen cultist robe Chest armor Infernal planes gLevel 54


Among the types of accessories you can trade are:

Accessory Location(s) found Level required
to use
Bronze ring Dark Forest aLevel 11


Among the scrolls you can trade are:

Words of command

Among the words of command you can trade are:

Crafting materials

Among the crafting materials you can trade are:

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