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The Tinkerer is the local merchant for the Silverlight lake.

The Tinkerer can sell esoteric and exotic gear to intrepid vampires, and can often also help you craft particular specialty items.


There are no requirements to visit the Silverlight lake and work with the The Tinkerer but you can only visit while the Bloodred Christmas event is open.

Doing business

The Tinkerer will help you with your craft projects once you have acquired all the necessary crafting materials and have reached the appropriate level.

Crafted coffin, mount, accessories, armor

Craft the following specialty items with the assistance of The Tinkerer:

Item Type Level Rage Control Constitution Credit cost Blood sapphire
Crafting materials
Boots of the Icy Wastes Boots Level 141
Enhanced Cosmic crystal Accessory Level 74
Hardened Head stompers Boots Level 94
Horns of fury Head armor Level 64
Horns of fury Head armor Level 64
Sharpened Jagged bones Accessory Level 24
Slashing Savage claws Hand armor Level 54
Slayer Toolbelt Belt Level 74


  • 18 December 2017: The Tinkerer merchant was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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