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For the physical damage weapon, see Sword.
Sword-class weapons



Swords is a weapons classification in Chronicles of Blood.

Most sword-class weapons deal physical damage although all other types of damage are represented in sword-class weapons as well. In addition, not all weapons that deal physical damage are sword-class weapons.


Sword: Noun. A weapon with a long metal blade and a hilt with a handguard, used for thrusting or striking.


  • Sabre
  • Glaive
  • Saber
  • Blade


Weapon Damage type Level required Location Source
9-ring sword Physical damage ach27 Underground sewers Hunchbackcrafting
Abyssal vanquisher Shadow damage bca120 Battlemaster's storecrafting
Adamantine vanquisher Shadow damage baa100 Battlemaster's storecrafting
Bastard sword Physical damage afh57 Battlemaster's store
Bihander Physical damage ahf75 Dust devil desert Loot
Blue pearl rapier Physical damage bba110 Dread jungle Loot
Bone sword Physical damage aah7 Crows Hill Cemetery Loot Blue star.jpg
Chainsaw katana Physical damage aea40 Oldtown Black market dealer
Energy sword Electric damage aid83 Cyberlabs inc. Secret supply storagecrafting
Estake Holy damage ada30 Underground sewers Hunchback
Falcata Physical damage afd53 Infernal planes Loot
Glacier blade Ice damage ajb91 Mount messmer foothills Yeti trader
Graveblade Shadow damage ajh97 Mount messmer Loot
Hardened bone sword Shadow damage aaj9 Crows Hill Cemetery Loot
Heirloom longsword Physical damage ahd73 McCloud Manor Bansheecrafting
Hellfire sword Fire damage afi58 Infernal planes Soul tradercrafting
Icegloom Ice damage baa100 Mount messmer summit Yeti tradercrafting
Katana in shirasaja Physical damage aef45 Battlemaster's store
Lifestealer Physical damage aaj9 Crows Hill Cemetery Undead brokercrafting
Light arc Electric damage ade34 Oldtown Black market dealercrafting
Long sword Physical damage acb21 Underground sewers Hunchback
Muramasa Holy damage aei48 Battlemaster's store
Nagareboshi Physical damage agh67 Battlemaster's store
Nova blade Holy damage aji98 Mount Messmer Yeti trader
Onyx blade Shadow damage aib81 Battlemaster's store
Ring sword Toxic damage baj109 Battlemaster's storecrafting
Roseheart rapier Fire damage ahe74 Supply drone Hidden CYBERLABS base
Rosethorn Fire damage aha70 Dust devil desert Cultist of Seth
Runeblade Mystic damage aia80 McCloud Manor Bansheecrafting
Scimitar of dark fury Physical damage aje94 Dark oblivion portal Loot
Scylla's embrace Toxic damage bea140 Lost Island Captain Dick Rydercrafting
Scylla's scimitar Toxic damage aha70 Lost Island Captain Dick Rydercrafting
Short sword Physical damage aac2 Crows Hill Cemetery Undead broker
The King's blade Mystic damage bca120 Silverligiht lake portal Loot
Tidebringer Psychic damage bbi118 Underwater city Captain Dick Rydercrafting
The vanquisher Shadow damage aia80 Battlemaster's storecrafting
The immortal blade Ice damage bea140 Crows Hills Cemetery nightmare mode Undead brokercrafting
Truesilver rapier Holy damage afe54 Infernal planes Soul tradercrafting
Truesilver sword Holy damage afg56 Infernal planes Soul tradercrafting
Wakizashi Physical damage acg26 Battlemaster's store
Wraith blade Ice damage ahg76 McCloud Manor Banshee
Blue star.jpg     The bone sword was dropped as loot only during the first two weeks of the game in June 2010.
The bone sword is no longer available.
The hardened bone sword remains an available loot drop.

Sword proficiency

You gain sword proficiency by using a sword in any battle that requires bloodlust to be used — this includes PvE, PvB, and PvCB, and offensive PvP. Any sword may be used to help increase your sword proficiency.

Proficiency level Battles required Bonus
Level 1 3000 Berserk 3
Level 2 10,000 Berserk 5
Level 3 20,000 Berserk 7
Glyphs-Blademaster glyph.jpg


The blademaster glyph gives one additional point towards sword proficiency for each battle that you start while using a sword.

The blademaster glyph also increases the damage done by your sword by 20% when both the glyph and a sword-type weapon are equipped.


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