Swamp lord

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Swamp lord
Creatures-Swamp lord.jpg
Abominable creature
     Level: 20
     Rarity: Legendary
Procs-Berserk.png  Proc: Berserk
Procs-Blur.png  Proc: Blur
Procs-necrosis.png  Proc: Necrosis
Procs-Stun.png  Proc: Stun

Procs-Berserk.png  Deals physical damage



The swamp lord rules the Dark Forest. When he leaves his marsh, all other creatures stay away from him to show a kind of respect, except for the critters who don't give a damn about anything.


Creatures-Abominable.jpg A swamp lord is an abominable creature.


The swamp lord can inflict physical damage on its opponent.


The swamp lord may gain the following procs in battle:

  • Procs-Stun.png  Stun: The stun proc is a defensive buff that causes an opponent to lose the ability to attack for one round of a battle.



You may encounter the swamp lord in:


You are more likely to encounter a swamp lord if you are using blood sapphires, blood diamonds or blood rubies as bait.

Even if you're using blood diamonds or blood sapphires as bait, however, the swamp lord won't appear until you are level 13 at the very earliest.


Vanquish a swamp lord, and you may occasionally discover that some of the following items have been left behind:


  • 3 June 2010: The swamp lord was included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.

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