Stonehusk darkcrawler

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Stonehusk darkcrawler
Creatures-Stonehusk darkcrawler.jpg
Abominable creature
     Level: *3
     Rarity: Uncommon
Procs-Berserk.png  Deals physical damage

Procs-Innoculation.png  Proc: Inoculation
Procs-Regeneration.png  Proc: Regeneration
Procs-Resilience.png  Proc: Resilience
Procs-Stun.png  Proc: Stun
Procs-Blur.png  Proc: Blur
Procs-Berserk.png  Proc: Berserk
Procs-Revert.png  Proc: Revert
Procs-Bloodward.png  Proc: Bloodward
Procs-Iceward icon.png  Proc: Iceward
Procs-Grounding.png  Proc: Grounding
Procs-Toughness.png   Proc: Toughness
Procs-Fireward icon.png  Proc: Fireward
Procs-Execute.png  Proc: Execute
Procs-Bloodbane icon.png  Proc: Bloodbane
Procs-Trample.png  Proc: Trample
Procs-Ambush.png  Proc: Ambush
Procs-Trample.png  Proc: Trample
Procs-Thin blood.png  Proc: Thin blood
Procs-Spellbreaker.png  Proc: Spellbreaker
Procs-Soulbreaker.png  Proc: Soulbreaker
Procs-Berserk.png  Proc: Devastate



Stonehusk darkcrawlers are of one the largest darkcrawler species and can be as tall as 12m. Their size and the fact that they can withstand dragon’s fire is the reason they are mainly found near the entrances of the darkcrawler caves where they serve as a defense against any potential dragon that would threaten the darkcrawler colonies. The Cyberlabs Inc. D.R.A.G.O.N.S. have found some remains belonging to stonehusk darkcrawlers in the caverns of the Winterfall mountains, no doubt killed by the dragons living there.


Creatures-Abominable.jpg Stonehusk darkcrawler is an abominable creature.


Stonehusk darkcrawler can inflict physical damage on its opponent.


Stonehusk darkcrawler may gain the following procs during a battle:


Stonehusk darkcrawler does not have any servants.

Additional info


You can only encounter stonehusk darkcrawler in the Darkcrawler caverns.


Vanquish stonehusk darkcrawler in battle, and you may occasionally discover that some of the following items have been left behind as loot:


  • Stonehusk darkcrawler was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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