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Special events are brief periods during the year that are defined by the developers and may include:

  • Special locations
  • Special loot
  • Speciall giveaways in the community
Events-All hallows week 1.jpg GUI-Blood moon arising.png


Each special events occurs on a schedule announced in advance. This table lists the past and known future events as well as any notable occurrence during an event.

Event Dates Notes
All hallow's week 1 28 October–5 November 2010 Chronicles of Blood's first special event and first special event location, Field of the dead. New creatures. Also new loot—accessories, scrolls, and words of command.
Blood moon arising 9–16 April 2011 Return to Field of the dead. New creatures. Special loot. Giveaways. and more ...
All hallow's week 2 October–November 2011 A reprise of All hallow's week 1, with some new surprises....
Blood moon arising 2 21 March–2 April 2012
  • Eastern and Western fields of the dead
  • New creatures in both fields
  • Double VPs
All hallow's week 3 25 October–12 November 2012 (extended)
Bloodred week 1 17 December 2012–5 January 2013
Blood moon arising 3 18 April–1 May 2013


  • 28 October 2010: The first Chronicles of Blood special event began.

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