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Offensive proc



The soultear proc gives a chance to deal soul damage against a soulbroken opponent.


The soultear proc has a percentage chance of occurring.

The soultear proc is always gained at the beginning of a combat round.


The soultear has the ability to deal damage as follows:

Soultear at: Damage Time period
Level 1 14–19 per round
Level 2 28–38 per round
Level 3 42–57 per round
Level 4 56–73 per round
Level 5 70–92 per round


A player can only gain the soultear proc if they have first gained the soulbreaker proc, causing their opponent to become soulbroken.


Equipment that create the soulbroken status effect can include:

Item Type Level req'd Proc level
Broken Valentine's heart Accessory aabLevel 1
Glyph of broken hearts Glyph aabLevel 1
Insignia of Scintilla Accessory ajjLevel 99
Insignia of the Antediluvian Accessory aciLevel 28
Netherwyrm mount Mount aabLevel 1

Equipment and usage info

If you want to add the soultear proc to your setup, the following pieces of equipment may be of interest to you:

Item Type Level req'd Soultear level
Deathgrip Hand armor afbLevel 52 2
Deathwyrm vanquisher Mount bcaLevel 120 6
Dreamcatcher Accessory adbLevel 31 2
FN V90 "Buffy" Weapon aciLevel 28 1
Ice lance Weapon ajjLevel 99 2
Katana in shirasaja Weapon aefLevel 45 2
Ring sword Weapon bajLevel 109 4
Shrinkhead Accessory bahLevel 107 3
Sniper rifle "Tundra stalker" Weapon ajfLevel 95 4

Increasing the chance to gain soultear

If you have the following items in your setup you have an increased chance of gaining the soultear proc in battle:

Item Type Level req'd Increases chance by
Serpent figurine Accessory bbaLevel 110 5%



The soultear proc may be gained in battle by the following creatures:

Epic bosses

No current epic boss can gain the soultear proc in battle.

Coven bosses

The soultear proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 4 September 2012: The soultear proc was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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