Soul shard

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Soul shard
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Bound crafting material


You don't have a soul.
You are a Soul.
You have a body.

— C.S. Lewis


A soul shard is a very rare crafting material.

Soul shards are only dropped as loot in McCloud Manor.


There are several different items you can craft using the soul shard crafting material.


A soul shard is a required component if you want to craft the following accessories:


A soul shard is a required component if you want to craft the following pieces of armor:


A soul shard is a required component when you are crafting the following belts:


A soul shard is a required crafting material if you want to craft the following coffin:


A soul shard is a required component if you want to craft the following weapons:

Usage summary

Item Type Level required Number of
soul shards required
Axes of the dreamer Weapon 110 8
Gargoyle breastplate Chest armor 77 1
Genesis pillar Weapon 90 3
Ghost belt Belt 76 1
Ghostly coffin Coffin 71 1
Ice coffin Coffin 99 1
Icegloom Weapon 100 5
Masterfull dragonstaff Weapon 100 5
Midnight dagger Weapon 76 1
Runeblade Weapon 90 3
Runeplate armor Chest armor 78 1
Suck-o-matic 3000 Accessory 74 1

Total required

If you were to craft all the items that require soul shard, you would need to collect at least 31 soul shards through level 110.



You may occasionally find a soul shard left behind as loot when you defeat one of the following creatures:

Epic bosses

During certain special events such as Blood moon arising and All hallows week, the bogeyman epic boss in the Western field of the dead may occasionally drop a soul shard as loot.

Wandering merchant

Occasionally during special events, the wandering merchant may have a soul shard available for sale at a price of 120 blood sapphires each.

Other info


You cannot trade or give a soul shard to another player.


You cannot disenchant a soul shard.


You cannot remove a soul shard from your inventory by scrapping it for credits.


  • 4 February 2011: The soul shard crafting material was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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