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Defensive buff



The seduction proc is a defensive buff that reduces an opponent's chances of making a critical hit. The amount of the reduction in chances of making a critical hit is increased with each level of the proc.

Equipment and usage info

You have a chance to gain the seduction proc in battle when you include any of the following pieces of equipment in your setup:

Item Type Level req'd Seduction level
Enticing sapphire Gem aabLevel 1 3
Facemask of fear Head armor agaLevel 60 10
Femme fatale Servant adbLevel 31 10
Glyph of temptation Glyph aabLevel 1 10
Kelpie Servant ahbLevel 71 6
Lucky gun "Last goodbye" Weapon afbLevel 51 5
Pirate garments Chest armor Level 112 7
Venetian mask Head armor aejLevel 49 5

Increasing the chance to gain seduction

If you have the following items in your setup you have an increased chance of gaining the seduction proc in battle:

Item Type Level req'd Increases chance by
Blood doll Servant adbLevel 31 5%



The seduction proc may be gained in battle by the following creatures:

Special-event creatures

Epic bosses

The following epic bosses may gain the seduction proc in battle:

Coven bosses

The seduction proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 1 June 2010: The seduction proc was included in the first release of Chronicles of Blood.

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