Scarlet vampire armor

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Scarlet vampire armor
Chest armor-Scarlet vampire armor.jpg
Bound chest armor
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 145
     Absorbs: 65 – 75 damage
Procs-Deflection.png  Proc: Deflection
Procs-Ignite.png  Proc: Ignite level 3
Procs-Spellbreaker.png  Proc: Spellbreaker
Procs-Flame touch.png  Proc: Flame touch
Procs-Heroism.png  Proc: Heroism level 6
Procs-Brothers in arms.png  Proc: Brothers-in-arms
Procs-Ascendence.png  Proc: Ascendance level 4
Procs-Ancient blood.png  Proc: Ancient blood level 3
Procs-Lifeleech icon.png  Proc: Lifeleech level 5
Procs-Tenacity.png  Proc: Tenacity level 6
Procs-Chain attack.png  Proc: Chain attack
Procs-Evasion.png  Proc: Evasion
Procs-Eruption.png  Proc: Eruption level 5
Procs-Healing flames.png  Proc: Healing flames level 5



The clock struck eleven and cat the vampire huntress was on the loose,
except my battle armor was a push-up bra, curled hair, and a short dress.
Yeah, it was a dirty job, but I was going to do it.
Come one, come all, bloodsuckers! Bar’s open!

— Jeaniene Frost


Scarlet vampire armor is a bound chest armor.


You must be at least level 145 to use the scarlet vampire armor.

Defensive support

The scarlet vampire armor can absorb between 65 and 75 damage in each round of a battle.

Passive abilities

Scarlet vampire armor increases your maximum blood by 350.
Scarlet vampire armor increases your chance to hit by 10%

Sockets and gems

a Scarlet vampire armor has a total of three sockets for gems:


You may gain one or more of the following procs while using the scarlet vampire armor:


The scarlet vampire armor can be combined with one or more of the following items to form the Scarlet vampire set:

Hand armor Scarlet vampire gloves
Head armor Scarlet vampire mask
Boots Scarlet vampire boots

When two or more set items are used together, your entire setup receives an additional bonus. See the Scarlet vampire page for more information about those bonuses.

Additional info


You must craft the scarlet vampire armor with the assistance of the Crazy hermit, the local merchant in the Dark forest meadow nightmare mode.

Crafting materials

To craft the scarlet vampire armor you must collect and deliver to the Crazy hermit 2,000,000 credits, 200 blood sapphire and 2,000 blood badges along with the following crafting materials:

  • 100  
  • 200  
Devil steel
  • 200  
Hell cloth
  • 2  
Orichalcum orb
  • 2  
Chaos bloodstone
  • 3  
Shadow cube
  • 2  
Red gryphon feather
  • 10  
Ghost ink
  • 250  
Holy cube
  • 125  


You cannot trade or give the scarlet vampire armor to another player.


You cannot disenchant the scarlet vampire armor.


You cannot remove the scarlet vampire armor from your inventory by scrapping it for credits.


  • Scarlet vampire armor was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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