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The Saint Bernard sage is the trainer in Mount Messmer.


You must collect the barrel of blood, a magical item, in Mount Messmer before you can visit and work with the Saint Bernard sage.



The Saint Bernard sage can send you on quests to teach you new skills and help you become a more powerful vampire:

Quest name Object Quest cooldown Reward
Albino hunt 20 Arctic werewolves 24 hours
To the top 12 Rock monsters (Foothills) 24 hours
Storming the summit 12 Frost demon 24 hours
Breaking the ice 12 Sentinel of the cold 24 hours
The final battle 3 Scintilla, queen of the icy wastes (by deathblow) 48 hours


The Saint Bernard sage can also help you dominate certain servants when you bring him the correct number of words of command for that servant:

Servant name Number of
WoCs to collect
Arctic battlewolf 35
Crystal guardian 35
Ice imp 35


  • 13 February 2012: The Saint Bernard sage trainer was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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