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Corrupted creature
     Level: *0
     Rarity: Legendary
Procs-Brainblast.png  Proc: Brainblast
Procs-Parasitism.png  Proc: Parasitism
Procs-Mental cacophony.png  Proc: Mental cacophony
Procs-Paranoia.png  Proc: Paranoia
Procs-Psychic dot.png  Proc: Mindspike
Procs-Parasitism.png  Proc: Parasitism
Feats-Empowered psychic.png  Proc: Psychic scream
Procs-Disrupt.png  Proc: Disrupt
Procs-Revert.png  Proc: Revert
Procs-Focused mind.png  Proc: Focused mind
Procs-Bloodward.png  Proc: Bloodward
Procs-Bloodbane icon.png  Proc: Bloodbane
Procs-Nerves of steel.png  Proc: Nerves of steel
Procs-Resilience.png  Proc: Resilience
Procs-Invincible.png  Proc: Invincible
Procs-Blood heresy.png  Proc: Blood heresy
Procs-Blur.png  Proc: Blur
Procs-Psychic dot.png  Proc: Mindspike
Procs-Iceward icon.png  Proc: Iceward
Procs-Shield.png  Proc: Shield
Procs-Psionic blast.png  Proc: Psionic blast
Procs-Mind echo.png  Proc: Mind echo
Procs-Psionic blast.png  Proc: Psionic blast
Procs-Induce terror.png  Proc: Induce terror
Procs-Insanity.png  Proc: Insanity
Procs-shadowward icon.png  Proc: Nightward
Procs-Toughness.png   Proc: Toughness
Procs-Dominion.png  Proc: Domninion

Procs-Paranoia.png  Deals psychic damage



Ringmaster. Ringleader. Ring. The ring. How long ago was it that he found the ring as it fell out of a bag of flour at his bakery? A simple band of twisted gold and silver. He had no idea where it came from so he cleaned it off and put it on. Then the whispers started. First in his dreams, then during the waking day. It changed him, it twisted him, it directed him to be a leader, to be a master. So he started this circus. He's not sure that's what the ring wanted but it's been quiet lately. Maybe it's because the whisperings he hears these days come from all the creatures that work the circus?


Creatures-Corrupted.jpg A Ringmaster is a corrupted creature.


Ringmaster can inflict psychic damage on its opponent.


The level of a ringmaster varies based on your own level in the game.

Like all the creatures in Zirkus des Schreckens and the other portal locations, a ringmaster is also slightly stronger than a normal creature of the same level.

Depending on your level, a ringmaster will behave like a slightly stronger than normal level 0, level 10, level 20, etc. creature.

Your vampire's level Ringmaster's level
Levels 1–10 0
Levels 11–20 10
Levels 21–30 20
Levels 31–40 30
Levels 41–50 40
Levels 51–60 50
Levels 61–70 60
Levels 71–80 70
Levels 81–90 80
Levels 91–100 90
Levels 100–110 100
Levels 111–120 110
Levels 121–130 120
Levels 131–140 130
Levels 140–150 140


Ringmaster may gain the following procs during a battle:


Ringmaster can be summoned to a battle as a servant of any coven boss.

Other info


You can only encounter ringmaster in the Zirkus des Schreckens portal location.


Vanquish ringmaster in battle, and you may occasionally discover that some of the following items have been left behind as loot:


  • 12 June 2017: Ringmaster was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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