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Defensive buff



The revert proc is a defensive buff that gives a chance to remove one status effect that has been applied by an opponent.

Related procs and feats

The bloodcloak feat from the bloodshift vampiric power is an enhanced version of the revert proc.

Status effects affected

The following status effects can be removed by the revert proc:

Status effect Caused by
Awestricken Awe proc
Burning Flame touch proc
Conducting Inductance proc
Doomed Blacken proc
Empowered blacken feat
Frozen Icy veins proc
Below zero feat
Soulbroken Soulbreaker proc
Weak-blooded Anemia proc

Equipment and revert usage

If you want to add more revert to your setup, you can add one or more of the following items. Revert does not change level, instead the chance of gaining revert is different on different pieces of equipment.

Item Type Level req'd Revert level
Alien probe Accessory aabLevel 1
Black galaxy boots Boots bceLevel 124
Bloodshift Vampiric power aabLevel 1
Blue dragonhide tunic Chest armor ajjLevel 99
Bulwark of the ancients Chest armor bahLevel 107
Cataclysm mage Servant aabLevel 1
Coffin of legends Coffin ahbLevel 71
Forbidden fetish Accessory bajLevel 109
Frost specter Servant aabLevel 1
Frostknight executioners Hand armor ajfLevel 95
Frostknight sabatons Boots ajfLevel 95
Frostwyrm carapace Chest armor ajfLevel 95
Glyph of past glory Glyph aabLevel 1
Ice coffin Coffin ajjLevel 99
Insignia of Scintilla Accessory ajjLevel 99
Jade scorpion Accessory bccLevel 122
Nova blade Weapon ajiLevel 98
Relics of Antioch Three-piece set bonus afhLevel 57
Scale armor Chest armor bagLevel 106
Scintilla's boon Three-piece set bonus ajbLevel 91
Shrinkhead Accessory bahLevel 107
The hexxer Two-piece set bonus bafLevel 105
Vibrating dreadcrystal Gem ajbLevel 91
Walhalla shield Accessory bdcLevel 132
Winter defiance Inscription for head armor aabLevel 1

Increasing your chance

The sign of the times talent from the scourge talent tree increases your chance of gaining the revert proc in battle by multiplying your setup's chance of gaining revert by 1, 2, or 3, depending on the number of points assigned to sign of the times.



The revert proc may be gained in battle by the following creatures:

Epic bosses

The revert proc may be gained in battle by the following epic bosses:

Coven bosses

The revert proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 10 February 2012: The revert proc was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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