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You must have a portal to the red pastures and be at least level 11 to be able to travel to the red pastures.

The portal is crafted with the help of the crazy hermit, the merchant in the Dark Forest. You need the wooden leg, the portal scroll, and the hell cube to be able to craft the portal to the red pastures.

These components have the restriction that while they are in your possession they will not loot again; then you have to craft the portal to the red pastures in order to be able to receive more components and therefore to craft more portals.

Environmental proc

Procs-Stampede.png The environmental proc in the red pastures is stampede, which can randomly deal physical damage to either participant in a battle.

Travel restrictions

You can travel to the red pastures for a period of 24 hours after you activate the portal to the red pastures. After that 24 hour period, you must wait 48 hours (2 full days) until you can again activate the portal. You must acquire a new portal each time you want to travel back to the red pastures.

Portal closing

When the portal to the red pastures closes, you are automatically transported to Crows Hill Cemetery.

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Among the creatures you will battle in the red pastures are:

Creature Type Strength Rarity Damage type Specific loot
Evil sheep Bestial creature Level x1 Very common Shadow damage
Farmer from hell Corrupted creature Level x2 Common Physical damage
Necro vaca Undead creature Level x3 Uncommon Physical damage
Vampir vache Vampiric creature Level x4 Scarce Shadow damage
Mootant cow Abominable creature Level x6 Rare Toxic damage
Robokuh Techno creature Level x7 Very rare Electric damage
Demonicow Demonic creature Level x8 Epic Fire damage
Galacticow Xeno creature Level x9 Epic Psychic damage
Dragon bull Draconic creature Level x9 Epic Fire damage
Ethereal cow queen Ethereal creature Level x10 Legendary Mystic damage

Cow king Bestial epic boss Level x10 Legendary + Physical damage

Strength levels

The strength level of each creature in  ? varies based on your own level in the game.

Your vampire's level Creatures' variable levels Creatures' actual levels
Vamp levels 1–10 x1–x10 1–10
Vamp levels 11–20 x1–x10 11–20
Vamp levels 21–30 x1–x10 21–30
Vamp levels 31–40 x1–x10 31–40
Vamp levels 41–50 x1–x10 41–50
Vamp levels 51–60 x1–x10 51–60
Vamp levels 61–70 x1–x10 61–70
Vamp levels 71–80 x1–x10 71–80
Vamp levels 81–90 x1–x10 81–90
Vamp levels 91–100 x1–x10 91–100
Vamp levels 101–110 x1–x10 101–110
Vamp levels 111–120 x1–x10 111–120
Vamp levels 121–130 x1–x10 121–130
Vamp levels 131–140 x1–x10 131–140
Trainers-Bad wolf alone.jpg


The bad wolf has quests for you to undertake (and rewards for your success) once you have found the little red hood, the magical item required to unlock his cottage.


Learn new skills and grow in power by completing these quests. These quests are all repeatable.


The bad wolf will also help you create some ever-lasting servants, once you bring him the appropriate number of words of command.

Merchants-Cow oracle alone.jpg


The cow oracle can help you craft or purchase esoteric items, but you can only gain entrance to the barn once you have found the magical item, golden cowbell.

For crafting projects, you must always bring the appropriate crafting materials along before approaching the cow oracle.


All crafted items are bound to their creator, meaning that they can not be sold or gifted to another player.

Item Type Level required
Red buttermilk injector Accessory Level 11
Voodoo cow doll Accessory Level 11
Forked-up forke Accessory Level 11
Hell's bell Accessory Level 11
Piebald cloak Accessory Level 11
Piebald boots Boots Level 11
Piebald cowboy hat Head Level 11
Piebald cattle tickler Hands Level 11
Piebald coffin Coffin Level 11
Combat cow Mount Level 11
Genesis pillar Weapon Level 90
Coffin of legends Coffin Level 71
Bull belt Belt Level 65


Creatures drop a variety of loot items. Some loot drops are very common; some are very rare.

In red pastures the rarest loot drop is the scepter of the cow queen.

Common loot

Among the items that are commonly dropped as loot (in the red pastures and elsewhere) are:

Location-specific loot

Loot items that are only dropped at the red pastures (or only at red pastures and one or two other locations) include:

Special-occasion loot

On 1–3 June 2011, the red pastures dropped the special blood gecko loot in honor of Chronicles of Blood's first anniversary.


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