Rayden staff

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Rayden staff
Weapons-Rayden staff.jpg
Bound electric staff-style weapon
Blank image2.jpg     Requires:
Level 81
     Control required: 55
Procs-Discharge icon.png  Electric damage: 44–64
Procs-Discharge icon.png  Proc: Discharge level 4
Procs-Glitch.png  Proc: Glitch level 3
Procs-Shock.png  Proc: Shock level 4
Procs-Stormcurse.png  Proc: Stormcurse level 2
Procs-Techbane.png  Proc: Techbane level 2
Procs-Discharge icon.png  Proc: Thunderbolt level 2

Currency-Blood sapphire.png   Cost: 1000 blood sapphires


What have you done?

— Lord Rayden


The rayden staff is a electric staff-style weapon.


A rayden staff increases your chance of hitting an opponent by 4%.

A rayden staff also increases your chance of making a critical hit on an opponent by 3%.


You must be at least level 81 and have at least 55 control points to purchase and use a rayden staff.

Sockets and gems

The rayden staff has a total of two sockets for gems:


The rayden staff weapon has the ability to deal between 44 and 64 electric damage against an opponent in each round of a battle.


The rayden staff weapon has the following procs associated with it:


The rayden staff can be combined with the following item to form the set Asgard's pride.

Chest (body) armor Thunderprince jerkin

When the two set items are used together, your entire set-up receives an additional bonus. See the Asgard's pride page or the sets page for more information about those bonuses.



You can purchase the rayden staff weapon from Coraline, the Club noir merchant for 1000 blood sapphires.


You cannot trade or give a rayden staff to another player.


You can disenchant a rayden staff.

You can expect to receive between 40 and 70 blood rubies when you disenchant and destroy a rayden staff.


  • 20 July 2011: The rayden staff weapon was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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