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Infernal planes is the sixth location a vampire can access in Chronicles of Blood


You must be at least level 51 and have found the magical item, demonic compass, to be able to travel to Infernal planes.

Environmental proc

Procs-R6 proc.png The environmental proc in Infernal planes is hellfire blaze, which can periodically deal between 70 and 90 fire damage against one participant (either player or creature) during a battle.

Nether realm

Nether realm is the section of the Infernal planes that the bosses of the Infernal planes have claimed as their own.

Creatures-Alithia the warlock queen 150px.jpg

You must acquire and then use and destroy the summoning item nether portal, before you can venture into the Nether realm and summon one of the bosses to battle. You will also require the assistance of your coven to defeat the bosses.


Among the creatures you will battle in the Infernal planes are:

Creature Type Strength Rarity Damage type XP minimum XP maximum Minimum credits Maximum credits
Lesser devil Demonic creature Level 49 Very common Fire
Demon warrior Demonic creature Level 50 Very common Shadow
Cinder imp Demonic creature Level 51 Common Fire
Cultist Corrupted creature Level 52 Common Physical
Hell bull Bestial creature Level 52 Common Physical
Beholder Demonic creature Level 53 Uncommon Electric
Corrupted werewolf Lycanthrope creature Level 54 Scarce Toxic
Fire elemental Ethereal creature Level 55 Rare Fire
Fallen angel Righteous creature Level 56 Rare Holy
Moloch Abominable creature Level 57 Very rare Physical
Succubus Demonic creature Level 58 Epic Shadow
Reaper Demonic creature Level 59 Epic Physical
Alithia the Warlock Queen Undead creature Level 60 Legendary Shadow
Trainers-Vilevere alone 150px.jpg


Vilevere has quests for you to undertake (and rewards for your success) once you have found the broken heart, the magical item that unlocks her den.


Learn new skills and grow in power by completing these quests. These quests are all repeatable. See the Vilevere for additional details.

The Vilevere offers the following quests in the Infernal planes:

Name Requirements Rewards
Quests-Fire extinguisher.jpg Fire extinguisher 7 Fire elementals by deathblow 1x Scroll: Pyromancy
2000 XP
2750 credits
Quests-Culling the weak.jpg Culling the weak 20 Demon warriors 1x Scroll: Demonic rites
3000 XP
2000 credits
Quests-Merely a setback.jpg Merely a setback 3 Alithia the Warlock Queens by deathblow 1x Sniper scope
3000 XP
2000 credits
Quests-Light in the dark.jpg Light in the dark 3 Sister of despairs 1x Scroll: Megalomania
3x Scroll: Gehenna
6000 XP
5000 credits
Quests-Last exorcism.jpg Last exorcism 3 Infernal shapeshifters 1x Word of Command: Father Pippin
1000 XP
1000 credits
Quests-Through the gates of hell.jpg Through the gates of hell 30 Infernal chaosmages 1x Devil wings token
1000 XP
1000 credits
Quests-A coat of feathers.jpg A coat of feathers 100 Fallen angels by deathblow 1x Angel wings token
1000 XP
1000 credits


Vilevere will also help you create some ever-lasting servants, once you bring her the appropriate number of words of command.

Merchants-Soul trader alone 150px.jpg


The Soul trader can help you craft or purchase esoteric items, but you must first find the soul fragment, the magical item that allows you entrance to the Soul trader's lair.

For crafting projects, you must always also bring the appropriate crafting materials to the Soul trader.

Crafted items

All crafted items are bound to their creator, meaning that they can not be sold or gifted to another player.

Item Type Level Other requirements
Truesilver rapier Holy weapon Level 54 Control 37
Voidheart hood Head armor Level 54 Rage 46
Truesilver sword Holy weapon Level 56 Control 40
Truesilver plate Chest armor Level 57 Control 48
Constitution 22
Holy handgrenade Accessory Level 57 Control 49
Hellfire sword Fire weapon Level 58 Rage 42
Phoenix robe Chest armor Level 58 Rage 46
Constitution 22
Unholy trinity Shadow weapon Level 60 Rage 50
Control 50
Constitution 24

Crafted coffins

These coffins can be obtained at Infernal planes:

Coffin Crafting materials required Additional costs
Blistering coffin Blood rubies, Bones, Corrupted wood, Demon horns, Devil steel,
Frozen tears, Hellfire sparks, Truesilver bars
200,000 credits

Purchased items

The Soul trader will also sell you some special items ... for special prices!

Item Type Level required Other requirements
Voidheart hands Hand armor Level 53 Constitution 21

Coraline's shop at Club noir

Additional weapons, armor, and accessories are available through Coraline's shop. Check there for additional information, including damage type and estimated damage inflicted.


These weapons can first be bought by players at levels 51 through 60. All of the weapons listed here are bound, meaning they can not be sold or gifted to another player.

Weapon Level required Other requirements Damage type
Lucky gun "Last goodbye" Level 51 Control 36
Rage 36
Buzzsaw Level 56 Constitution 21 Ballistic


These pieces of armor can be purchased by players beginning at levels 51 through 60. All of these items are bound and cannot be sold or given to another player.

Armor Armor type Level required Other requirements
Cinderash robe Chest armor Level 51 Control 36
Rage 36
Chestplate of the betrayer Chest armor Level 55 Rage 40
Constitution 22
Firefighter jacket Chest armor Level 54 Control 46


Creatures drop a variety of loot items. Some loot drops are very common; some are very rare. In Infernal planes the rarest loot drop is the Demon horn.

Common loot

Among the items that are commonly dropped as loot (in the Infernal planes and elsewhere) are:

Location-specific loot

Loot items that are only dropped in the Infernal planes (or in the Infernal planes and one other location) include:

Special-occasion loot

On 1–3 June 2011, the infernal planes dropped the special blood gecko loot in honor of Chronicles of Blood's first anniversary.


  • 6 September 2010: The Infernal planes was first opened to the vampires of Chronicles of Blood.

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