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The index on this page lists all of the items that can change your loot chance (or your loot amount) while you are engaged in PvE combat.

Loot chance enhancers do not guarantee increased loot — nor do they guarantee that you will get any one specific piece of loot.


Item Type Added chance Specific loot? Added amount Level required Location Source
Ceremonial kris Weapon 1% aghLevel 67 Dust devil desert Cultist of Seth—Purchase
Childe Servant 3% aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you
Darkwolf medallion Accessory 1% aajLevel 9 Field of the dead Loot
Frost specter Servant 1% aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you
Glyph of the elders Glyph 1% aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you
Heart of the icy wastes Accessory 1% ajjLevel 99 Mount messmer summit Loot
Hydra cannon Weapon 1% Summoning items aiaLevel 80 Lost Island Captain Dick Ryder - Crafting
Hydra gun Weapon 1% Summoning items afaLevel 50 Lost Island Captain Dick Ryder - Crafting
Lucky gun "Ace of spades" Weapon 2% abfLevel 17 Dark forest Loot
Lucky gun "Broken hearts" Weapon 3% aigLevel 86 McCloud Manor Banshee—Purchase
Lucky gun "Goldfinger" Weapon 3% abgLevel 16 Dark forest Crazy hermit—Purchase
Lucky gun "Last goodbye" Weapon 3% afbLevel 51 Infernal planes Soul trader—Purchase
Olympian treasures 2-item set bonus 1% bbaLevel 110 Dread jungle jungle expedition - crafting
Raven familiar Servant 2% abbLevel 11 Dark forest Words of command
Shield of the sentinel Accessory 1% aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you Blue star.jpg
Star vampire Servant 1% abbLevel 11 Dark oblivion Words of command
Talisman of the old codex Accessory 1% abbLevel 11 Red pastures Loot
The collector Servant +1 aab Level 1 Donation thank-you
The dominatrix Servant +1 aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you
The howling Set bonus 1% abjLevel 19 Dark forest Loot
The summoner Servant 1% Summoning items aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you
Tomb bat Servant 1% aabLevel 1 House of the 7 sins Words of command
Underwater assault rifle Weapon 1% Summoning items bbeLevel 114 Underwater city Captain Dick Ryder
Vampire lover Servant 3% aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you

Blue star.jpg This item is available only on the ArmorGames platform.

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