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PvE stands for Player vs environment, where you battle the creatures that are located in each of the game locations.


You will spend all of your PvE time hunting for creatures and battling them. Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose. Winning more is better (and more fun).

To get started hunting, choose a bait to hunt with. Blood pearls are a good choice to start with. You use 12 bloodlust each time you click "Hunt" unless you have a servant in your setup that reduces the bloodlust cost, or you use Blood diamonds or blood sapphires for bait.

Sometimes, you do not find a creature to attack. Your bloodlust and bait, however, are still used up in the hunt.

Once you encounter a creature

You have five rounds to do battle with each creature, with a few exceptions. We'll cover the exceptions later.


Do you have:

Once you hit "Hunt"

You have two basic questions and three strategy questions to answer:

Attack style

What's your attack style going to be?

  • Attack once: This is exactly what it sounds like. You attack the creature once and the creature attacks you once. The result of that attack is shown in the journal. You may inflict damage on the creature, you may miss the creature, or a few other things...
  • Speed attack: When you speed attack a creature, you immediately see the results of all five rounds of battle. There are no pauses for you to decide whether to call a vampiric power, for example, or to use your bloodshield. What you see is what you get.
Strategy decisions

Do you need or want to use any of these other resources in this battle? And if so, when?

  • Use your servant: You can use your servant to deal one additional attack on your opponent, but this will use additional bloodlust — 2-4 additional bloodlust, unless you servant has a special bloodlust usage. Servants do damage, depending on your level and the servant.
  • Use your bloodshield: The bloodshield protects you from one attack from your opponent (it absorbs the damage of the attack for you), but it uses one additional piece of bait.
  • Use one or both of your vampiric powers: Your vampiric powers each have a feat. A feat always happens when you activate the power by clicking on it. Some feats you want to use at the beginning of a battle, because they cause damage or healing periodically over the course of the battle. Other feats can be used at any point during the battle because their damage or healing happens in one single act.


To win a battle, you must deal more damage than the creature dealt to you. ALL ties result in the defending creature securing the win.

Deathblow victory

If you reduce an opponent's blood to zero, you have dealt a deathblow. This gives you 25% more XP and a chance to receive special loot from the creature.

After the battle


If you successfully defeat a creature, you gain XP and credits.

In some rare cases, creatures you encounter will be able to steal credits with the theft ability and therefore reduce the credits you gain for the victory.


Sometimes, defeated creatures leave behind loot.

Loot is always rare, and is the exception in doing battle, not a rule. Loot can be anything from blood rubies, to a crafting material, on up through words of command and scrolls to accessories, armor and weapons.


Each battle you fight will be logged in your Diary. To access the diary, hover over "Hunting Ground" and click "Diary".

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