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Offensive buff



The poisoncurse proc is an offensive buff that causes the opponent to take additional damage from toxic weapons and other sources of toxic damage.


The poisoncurse proc is sometimes gained at the beginning of combat (it has a percentage chance of being gained).


The amount of additional damage caused by the poisoncurse proc from toxic weapons and other sources of toxic damage varies by level:

Level Damage
percentage increase
Level 1 +10%
Level 2 +20%
Level 3 +30%
Level 4 +40%
Level 5 +50%

Related procs and feats

The poisoncurse can increase the damage from the poisonous glands proc, the blood fever proc, the envenom proc and the empowered envenom feat.

Equipment and usage info

You may gain the poisoncurse proc in battle with one or more of the following items in your setup:

Item Type Level req'd Poisoncurse level
Axes of tainted blood Weapon bbaLevel 110 3
Axes of tainted blood Weapon bbaLevel 110 3
Blob in a jar Accessory afaLevel 50 2
Chitinous sigil Accessory acbLevel 21 3
Cobra staff Weapon ahaLevel 70 1
Death web Set bonus aabLevel 1 2
Deathflower Vampiric power aabLevel 1 1–5
Emerald death Three-piece set bonus baiLevel 108 3
Gargantuan scorpion Mount agbLevel 61 3
Glyph of corrosion Glyph abbLevel 11 1–3
Glyph of the plague, level 3 Glyph aabLevel 1 1
Hexxer Five-piece set bonus bajLevel 109 3
Jade scorpion Accessory bccLevel 122 2
Jungle combat vest Chest armor bahLevel 107 2
Poison injectors Hand armor baiLevel 108 3
Poisonous doom Inscription for hand armor aabLevel 1 2
Scale sigil Accessory babLevel 101 2
Scorpion claws Hand armor acgLevel 26 1
Snakeskin tunic Chest armor bahLevel 107 3
Sniper rifle "Deep sea baby" Weapon bbgLevel 116 4
Soul poisoner Accessory aabLevel 1 2
Venom dagger Weapon bbaLevel 110 3



The following creatures may gain the poisoncurse proc in battle:

Portal creatures
Special-event creatures

Epic bosses

The poisoncurse proc may be gained in battle by the following epic bosses:

Special-event epic bosses

Coven bosses

The poisoncurse proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 1 July 2010: The poisoncurse proc was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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