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This page collects the basic information on all of the armor, weapons, accessories, and sets that require a level between 91 and 100 before they can be used.

We're separating this info out this way to consolidate information for players at these levels, rather than forcing visits to the Mount Messner page, the Battlemaster, etc. However, for all the details about any piece of equipment, please see the individual item page.


Sources for the items listed on this page will include:


Accessory Level required Rage required Control required Constitution required Source
Cryo generator 95 Yeti tradercrafting
Heart of the icy wastes 99 Loot (Scintilla)
Insignia of Scintilla 99 Battlemaster
Icicle bomb 99 Yeti trader


All of the pieces of armor shown in the following table can first be used by players at levels between 91 and 100.

Armor Armor type Damage absorbed Level required Rage required Control required Constitution required Location Source
Template:Hades helmet 75     Hades helmet
Head armor 6–8 ajfLevel 100 65 Yeti trader
Template:Arctic combat gloves 75     Arctic combat gloves
Hand armor 2–4 ajfLevel 95 58 Yeti trader
Template:Arctic combat helmet 75     Arctic combat helmet
Head armor 5–7 ajfLevel 95 58 Yeti trader
Template:Arctic combat vest 75     Arctic combat vest
Chest armor 34–54 ajgLevel 96 28 Yeti trader
Template:Blue dragonhide tunic 75     Blue dragonhide tunic
Chest armor 42–61 ajjLevel 99 78 Yeti trader
Template:Fingers of frost 75     Fingers of frost
Hand armor 2–3 ajcLevel 92 28 Yeti trader
Template:Frostknight battle helmet 75     Frostknight battle helmet
Head armor 6–8 ajfLevel 95 61 Battlemaster
Template:Frostknight breastplate 75     Frostknight breastplate
Chest armor 45–50 ajfLevel 95 32 Battlemaster
Template:Frostknight executioners 75     Frostknight executioners
Hand armor 2–3 ajfLevel 95 80 Battlemaster
Template:Frostknight sabatons 75     Frostknight sabatons
Boots 3–5 ajfLevel 95 58 Battlemaster
Template:Frostwyrm carapace 75     Frostwyrm carapace
Chest armor 44–54 ajfLevel 95 60 Coraline
Template:Head stompers 75     Head stompers
Boots ajeLevel 94 Silverlight lake portal
Template:Ice armor 75     Ice armor
Chest armor 34–44 ajhLevel 97 30 Yeti trader
Template:Ice helmet 75     Ice helmet
Head armor 5–7 ajhLevel 96 61 Yeti trader
Template:Viking helmet 75     Viking helmet
Head armor 2–4 ajbLevel 91 51 Loot
Template:Yeti fur coat 75     Yeti fur coat
Chest armor 30–40 ajbLevel 91 55 Coraline


Item Level required Other requirements Source
Ice coffin Level 99 Yeti trader — crafting


Item Level required Other requirements Location Source
Crypt arachnid 100 Crows Hill crypt Lost librarianCrafting


The following servants can only be dominated by players who are at varying levels at and above level 91:

Servant name Level required Damage type Damage at levels
Arctic battlewolf 91 Physical damage
Crystal guardian 91 Ice damage
Ice imp 95 Ice damage


Set name Minimum level to use Components Two-piece
Frostknight wargear Level 95 (2)
Level 95 (3)
Level 95 (4)
Level 95 (5)
Level 99 (6)
Frostknight battle helmet
Frostknight breastplate
Frostknight executioners
Frostknight sabatons
Glyph of the frostknight
Ice lance
Insignia of Scintilla
Bloodbane 2 Bloodward 2 Icy veins Stun Fighting other vampires costs 2 less bloodlust than normal
Sapphire jewelry Level 1 Sapphire brooch
Sapphire pendant
Glyph of sapphire
Frostfist 4
Arctic combat gear Level 95 (2)
Level 96 (3)
Level 97 (4)
Arctic combat boots
Arctic combat gloves
Arctic combat helmet
Arctic combat vest
Heroism 3 Iceblast 6
Scintilla's boon Level 92 (2)
Level 95 (3)
Level 96 (4)
Level 97 (5)
Fingers of frost
Frost spear
Glyph of ice
Ice armor
Ice helmet
Ice shield
Icy veins Revert Icecurse 2 Winter prison


The first time players can use these weapons varies from level 91 to 100.

All of the weapons listed here are bound, meaning they can not be sold or gifted to another player.

Weapon Class Damage power Damage Level required Rage required Control required Constitution required Location Source
Template:Axe of endless winter 75     Axe of endless winter
Axe Physical 40–50 ajbLevel 91 73 Loot
Template:Bone crossbow 75     Bone crossbow
Missile Ballistic 56–76 ajeLevel 94 60 30 Crows Hill crypt Loot
Template:Crystal crossbow 75     Crystal crossbow
Missile Ballistic 40–60 ajdLevel 93 40 Yeti trader
Template:Dagger of burning ice 75     Dagger of burning ice
Dagger Fire 50–70 ajgLevel 96 68 Yeti trader
Template:Frost spear 75     Frost spear
Axe Ice 60–80 ajjLevel 99 81 Yeti trader
Template:Glacier blade 75     Glacier blade
Sword Ice 50–70 ajbLevel 91 71 Yeti trader
Template:Graveblade 75     Graveblade
Sword Shadow 70–90 ajhLevel 97 90 Loot
Template:Icegloom 75     Icegloom
Sword Ice 80–100 baaLevel 100 85 Yeti trader
Template:Ice lance 75     Ice lance
Axe Ice 60–80 ajjLevel 99 83 Battlemaster
Template:Nova blade 75     Nova blade
Sword Holy 55–74 ajiLevel 98 45 Yeti trader
Template:Slicer of the cow king 75     Slicer of the cow king
Dagger Toxic 40–50 ajeLevel 94 61 Loot
Template:Sniper rifle "Tundra stalker" 75     Sniper rifle "Tundra stalker"
Rifle Ballistic 50–70 ajfLevel 95 37 Battlemaster
Template:Staff of the ice witch 75     Staff of the ice witch
Staff Ice 55–75 ajfLevel 95 48 Yeti trader
Template:Wand of shattered dreams 75     Wand of shattered dreams
Wand Psychic 50–70 ajhLevel 97 55 Loot


  • 13 February 2012: Region 10 opened to vampires at level 91 and above.

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