Players at levels 101 through 110

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Players at levels 101 through 110


Welcome to the jungle


This page collects the basic information on all of the armor, weapons, accessories, and sets that require a level between 101 and 110 before they can be used.

We're separating this info out this way to consolidate information for players at these levels, rather than forcing visits to the Dread jungle page, the Battlemaster, etc. However, for all the details about any piece of equipment, please see the individual item page.


Sources for the items listed on this page will include:


Accessory Level required Rage required Control required Constitution required Location Source
Acid bomb bai Level 108 Dread jungle Loot
Forbidden fetish bajLevel 109 Dread jungle Loot
Mayan sacrificial knife baiLevel 108 Dread jungle Jungle expedition (purchase)
Mayan stone calendar baiLevel 108 Dread jungle Jungle expedition (purchase)
Scale sigil babLevel 101 Dread jungle Jungle expedition (crafting)
Serpent figurine bbaLevel 110 Dread jungle Jungle expedition (crafting)
Shield of the serpent god bajLevel 109 37 Dread jungle Jungle expedition (crafting)
Shrinkhead bahLevel 107 49 Dread jungle Loot


All of the pieces of armor shown in the following table can first be used by players at levels between 101 and 110.

Armor Armor type Damage absorbed Level required Rage
Location Source
Template:Arachnid robe 75     Arachnid robe
Chest armor 45–65 Level 107 45 Dread jungle Jungle expedition— purchase
Template:Bulwark of the ancients 75     Bulwark of the ancients
Chest armor 48–64 bahLevel 107 45 Dread jungle Jungle expedition— purchase
Template:Breastplate of the Ajaw 75     Breastplate of the Ajaw
Chest armor 48–68 baiLevel 108 52 Dread jungle Loot
Template:Facemask of fear 75     Facemask of fear
Head armor 5–7 afaLevel 50 Donation thank-you
Template:Jungle combat boots 75     Jungle combat boots
Boots 3–5 baiLevel 108 92 Dread jungle Loot—from venomous coven boss
Template:Jungle combat gloves 75     Jungle combat gloves
Hand armor 4–6 bajLevel 109 50 Dread jungle Loot
Template:Jungle combat helmet 75     Jungle combat helmet
Head armor 6–8 bagLevel 106 46 Jungle expedition—crafting
Template:Jungle combat vest 75     Jungle combat vest
Chest armor 43–60 bahLevel 107 47 Jungle expedition— crafting
Template:Poison injectors 75     Poison injectors
Hand armor 4–6 baiLevel 108 90 Dread jungle Jungle expedition—crafting
Template:Scale armor 75     Scale armor
Chest armor 50–60 bagLevel 106 50 Battlemaster's store—crafting
Template:Scale boots 75     Scale boots
Boots 4–5 bafLevel 105 35 Battlemaster's store—crafting
Template:Scale gloves 75     Scale gloves
Hand armor 5–7 baiLevel 108 90 Battlemaster's store—crafting
Template:Scale helmet 75     Scale helmet
Head armor 7–9 baeLevel 104 33 Battlemaster's store—crafting
Template:Snakeskin tunic 75     Snakeskin tunic
Chest armor 53–60 bahLevel 107 37 Jungle expedition—crafting
Venom belt     Venom belt
Belt bbaLevel 110 Jungle expedition—crafting
Voodoo bracers     Voodoo bracers
Hand armor 5–7 bagLevel 106 90 Dread jungle Loot
Voodoo headdress     Voodoo headdress
Head armor 6–8 baeLevel 104 47 Dread jungle Loot
Voodoo sandals     Voodoo sandals
Boots 5–7 bafLevel 105 49 Jungle expedition—crafting
Voodoo tunic     Voodoo tunic
Chest armor 55–65 bahLevel 107 20 Jungle expedition—crafting
Hermes winged sandals     Hermes winged sandals
Boots 6-9 bahLevel 110 50 Jungle expedition—crafting


The following servants can only be dominated by players who are at varying levels at and above level 91:

Servant name Level required Damage type Damage at levels
Air totem 101 Electric damage
Earth totem 101 Holy damage
Fire totem 101 Fire damage
Spirit totem 101 Mystic damage
Venom phoenix 101 Toxic damage

The following servants do not require a level above 100 before you can use them. However, they are included here since they were introduced at the same time that the Rll PvE location was first opened for players at levels 101 through 110.

Servant name Level required Damage type Damage at levels
Shadow totem 40 Shadow damage
Totem of primal rage 50 Physical damage


Set name Minimum level to use Components Two-piece
Emerald death
Jungle combat gear
The hexxer
Treasures of Mirador


The first time players can use these weapons varies from level 101 to 110.

All of the weapons listed here are bound, meaning they can not be sold or gifted to another player.

Weapon Class Damage power Damage Level required Rage required Control required Constitution required Location Source
Template:Axes of ancient dawn 75     Axes of ancient dawn
Axe Holy 90–100 bbaLevel 110 100 Dread jungle Jungle expedition
Template:Axes of eternal flame 75     Axes of eternal flame
Axe Fire 90–100 bbaLevel 110 100 Dread jungle Jungle expedition
Template:Axes of tainted blood 75     Axes of tainted blood
Axe Toxic 90–100 bbaLevel 110 100 Dread jungle Jungle expedition
Template:Axes of the dreamer 75     Axes of the dreamer
Axe Mystic 90–100 bbaLevel 110 100 Dread jungle Jungle expedition
Template:Blowpipe 75     Blowpipe
Missile Toxic 55–75 bacLevel 102 53 Dread jungle Jungle expedition
Template:Blue pearl rapier 75     Blue pearl rapier
Sword-class weapon Physical 75–95 bbaLevel 110 98 Dread jungle Loot
Template:Boomerang 75     Boomerang
Missile Ballistic 50–70 babLevel 101 76 Dread jungle Loot
Template:Cobra bow 75     Cobra bow
Missile Ballistic 60–80 bafLevel 105 47 Dread jungle Jungle expedition
Template:Eon axes 75     Eon axes
Axe Physical 80–95 bbaLevel 110 90 Dread jungle Loot
Template:Ivory mace 75     Ivory mace
Hammer Physical 70–90 baiLevel 108 87 Dread jungle Loot
Template:Jungle guns 75     Jungle guns
Handgun Ballistic 60–80 baeLevel 104 58 Dread jungle Loot
Template:Ring sword 75     Ring sword
Sword-class weapon Holy 70–90 bajLevel 109 65 Battlemaster's store
Template:Sniper rifle "Jungle predator" 75     Sniper rifle "Jungle predator"
Sniper rifle Ballistic 70–90 bafLevel 105 47 Battlemaster's store
Template:Spear of the moon goddess 75     Spear of the moon goddess
Polearm Holy 70–90 bajLevel 109 63 Dread jungle Jungle expedition
Template:Spiderblade 75     Spiderblade
Dagger Toxic 65–85 bagLevel 106 80 Dread jungle Jungle expedition
Template:Stormbringer's bladestaff 75     Stormbringer's bladestaff
Polearm Electric 75–95 baeLevel 104 85 65 Crashed spaceship Supply officer Samantha Jones
Template:Twig from the ancient tree 75     Twig from the ancient tree
Wand Toxic 70–90 baiLevel 108 85 Dread jungle Jungle expedition
Template:Venom dagger 75     Venom dagger
Dagger Toxic 75–90 bbaLevel 110 63 Dread jungle Jungle expedition


  • 14 January 2013: The dread jungle opened in Chronicles of Blood.

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