Orichalcum orb

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Orichalcum orb
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Bound crafting material



An orichalcum orb is a very rare crafting material.

Usage summary

You need orichalcum orbs to craft the following items:

Item Type Level required
to craft
Number of
orichalcum orb
Ame no ohabari Hand armor bbgLevel 116 1
Ancient Paladin Amulet Accessory bejLevel 149 1
Astral shield Accessory bcfLevel 125 1
Dragonflame sash Belt bbfLevel 115 1
Kagutsuchi robes Chest armor bbiLevel 118 1
Poseidon's chestplate Chest armor bcaLevel 120 20
Nova-class galactic charge Accessory bcaLevel 120 1
Amulet of the berserker Accessory bcaLevel 115 1
Trident of Chrysaor Weapon bbjLevel 119 7
Galactic gun "Gigantes-class" Weapon bbjLevel 130 7
Hyperion glaive Weapon bbjLevel 130 7
Polaris spear Weapon bbjLevel 130 7
Stardragon swordstaff Weapon bbjLevel 130 7
Soulstealer scythe Weapon bbjLevel 130 7
Zori Boots bbdLevel 113 1

Total required

If you were to craft all the items that require orichalcum orbs, you would need to collect at least 68 orichalcum orbs through level 130.



The Orichalcum orb is one of the rewards from the following quests:

Other information


You cannot trade or give an orichalcum orb to another player.


You can disenchant an orichalcum orb.

You can expect to receive between 1 and 2 blood rubies when you disenchant and destroy an orichalcum orb.


You cannot remove an orichalcum orb from your inventory by scrapping it for credits.


  • 17 June 2013: The orichalcum orb crafting material was added to Chronicles of Blood. random date used to entertain the masses!

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