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Direct damage proc



The netherbolt proc is an offensive buff that deals additional direct mystic damage against an opponent whenever that opponent takes any damage.


The netherbolt proc can be gained multiple times during a battle.


The amount of damage dealt by the netherbolt proc depends on its level:

Netherbolt at: Damage dealt Time period
Level 1 9–14 per occurrence
Level 2 18–28 per occurrence
Level 3 27–42 per occurrence
Level 4 36–56 per occurrence
Level 5 45–70 per occurrence

Related procs and feats

The empowered netherbolt feat of the arcane turbulence vampiric power is an enhanced version of the netherbolt proc.

Equipment and usage info

You may gain the netherbolt proc in battle when you have one or more of the following items in your setup:

Item Type Level req'd Netherbolt level
Abyssal wrath Inscription for weapons aabLevel 1 2
Anubis head Head armor aghLevel 67 2
Axes of the dreamer Weapon bbaLevel 110 8
Axes of the dreamer Weapon bbaLevel 110 6
Axes of the dreamer Weapon bbaLevel 110 4
Coffin of the stardragon Coffin bcbLevel 121 2
Ceremonial kris Weapon aghLevel 67 3
Dagger of the burning sun Weapon aggLevel 66 3
Dragonhide set Four-piece set bonus ajjLevel 99 3
Dragonstaff Weapon aeaLevel 40 2
Great dragonstaff Weapon ahaLevel 70 3
Masterful dragonstaff Weapon baaLevel 100 5
Mayan sacrificial knife Accessory baiLevel 108 3
Ouija Board Accessory abbLevel 11 3
Polaris dragon Mount afaLevel 50 3



The netherbolt proc may be gained in battle by the following creatures:

Portal creatures
Special-event creatures

Epic bosses

The netherbolt proc is associated with the following epic bosses:

Coven bosses

The netherbolt proc can be gained by any coven boss during any battle.


  • 8 November 2010: The netherbolt proc was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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