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Mounts have the ability to charge into battle.

During the first round of combat they have a chance to trample or crush (eliminate) one or more of an opponent's servants.

You can acquire different mounts through crafting or purchasing from one of the merchants, or as a thank-you for donating.

You should check each individual mount's page for additional information about that mount, including details of any procs or skills the mount has.

Name Level required Source Location Credits Blood diamonds Blood sapphires Victory points Blood badges Crafting
Abyssal fiend     Abyssal fiend
Donation thank-you

Abyssal seahorse     Abyssal seahorse
bcaLevel 120 Captain Dick Ryder Underwater city
Antares scorpion     Antares scorpion

Archangel Gryphon     Archangel Gryphon

Armored warsteed     Armored warsteed
bbaLevel 110 Battlemaster's store

AV-GT walker     AV-GT walker
aibLevel 81 Supply drone Crashed spaceship
Battle alligator     Battle alligator
bbaLevel 110 Jungle expedition Dread jungle

Battle charger     Battle charger
aafLevel 5 Battlemaster's store 2500

Battle raptor     Battle raptor
abfLevel 15 Crazy hermit Dark Forest

Battle sabercat     Battle sabercat
aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you

Black warg     Black warg
aiaLevel 80 Battlemaster's store 6,000

Bonewyrm vanquisher     Bonewyrm vanquisher
acbLevel 21 Hunchback Underground sewers 3000

Broomstick     Broomstick
Level 1 Donation thank-you

Combat cow     Combat cow
aafLevel 5* Cow oracle Red pastures
Crypt arachnid     Crypt arachnid
baaLevel 100 Lost librarian Crows Hill crypt
Deathwyrm vanquisher     Deathwyrm vanquisher
bcaLevel 120 Battlemaster's store 25,000

Demon steed     Demon steed
aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you

100px     Desperation strider

Frost ram     Frost ram
aafLevel 5 Hunchback Underground sewers
Gargantuan anaconda     Gargantuan anaconda
bcfLevel 125 Cyberlabs logistics officer—purchase Blood altar ? 3,000

Gargantuan scorpion     Gargantuan scorpion
agbLevel 61 Cultist of Seth Dust devil desert
Ghost carriage     Ghost carriage
ahbLevel 71 Banshee
Glacial gecko     Glacial gecko
1 Donation thank-you

Harbinger drake     Harbinger drake
bcfLevel 125 Cyberlabs logistics officer
Hearse     Hearse
1 Donation thank-you

Hellfire chopper     Hellfire chopper
adbLevel 31 Black market dealer
100px     Hellknight chopper
ajbLevel 91 Crazy hermit Darkcrawler caves 2,000,000 100
100px     Hellrider chopper
agbLevel 61 Crazy hermit Darkcrawler caves 1,000,000
Hoverboard     Hoverboard
aafLevel 5 Donation thank-you

Ice wolf     Ice wolf
bcbLevel 121 Cyberlabs logistics officer 500 300
Imperial gryphon     Imperial gryphon
ajjLevel 99 Blacksmith Dragonslair
Mist steed     Mist steed
aafLevel 5 Donation thank-you

Moloch (mount)     Moloch (mount)
afbLevel 51 Soul trader
100px     Motorcycle "street eagle"
ajbLevel 91 Crazy hermit Darkcrawler caves 2,000,000 100
100px     Motorcycle "Street falcon"
61 Crazy hermit Darkcrawler caves 1,000,000
Motorcycle "Street hawk"     Motorcycle "Street hawk"
aafLevel 5 Undead broker Crows Hill Cemetery 500,000

Nether wyrm mount     Nether wyrm mount
aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you

Oblivion crawler     Oblivion crawler
adbLevel 31 Chaos agent
Polaris dragon     Polaris dragon
afaLevel 50 Donation thank-you

Rune warg     Rune warg
baaLevel 100 Quartermaster
Sacred lion     Sacred lion
aabLevel 31 Donation thank-you

Skeletal warhorse     Skeletal warhorse
aafLevel 5 Undead broker Crows Hill Cemetery 2500

Slayer sleigh     Slayer sleigh
aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you

Spectral skyhawk     Spectral skyhawk

Spectral steed     Spectral steed

Techno warhorse     Techno warhorse
aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you

Verdant stag     Verdant stag
aabLevel 1 Donation thank-you

Blue star.jpg    

Items with this designator have crafting requirements that require a higher level of experience than the designated level for the mount.

Comparing the mount procs

Mount Charge School Common proc Trample/Crush Notes
Abyssal seahorse Voltaic charge Electric / Psychic damage Trample
Armored warsteed Crush
AV-GT walker Ballistic damage
Battle alligator Trample
Battle charger Ferocious charge Physical damage Trample
Battle raptor Reptilian charge Toxic damage Trample
Battle sabercat Arctic charge Ice damage Trample
Black warg Ravaging charge Physical damage Trample
Bonewyrm vanquisher Crush
Broomstick Infernal charge Fire damage Trample
Combat cow Blue star.jpg Cow charge Physical damage Trample
Crypt arachnid Parasitic charge Toxic damage Trample
Deathwyrm vanquisher Terror charge Crush
Demon steed Fire damage Trample
Frost ram Blue star.jpg Freezing charge Ice damage Trample
Gargantuan anaconda Physical damage Cruelty and devastate (among others) Crush Also adds heroism and tenacity
Gives chance to trigger cowering status effect (Fury proc)
Gargantuan scorpion Parasitic charge Toxic damage Trample
Ghost carriage Mystic damage Trample
Harbinger drake Shadow damage also adds heroism and tenacity
Hellfire chopper Fire damage Trample
Hoverboard Ballistic damage Trample
Ice wolf Freezing charge Ice damage Trample
Imperial gryphon Trample
Mist steed Shadow damage Trample
Moloch Thundercharge Chance to cause stun Trample
Motorcycle "Street hawk" Trample
Nether wyrm Nethercharge Shadow damage Additional SoC damage Crush
Oblivion crawler Terror charge Psychic damage Damage over time Trample
Polaris dragon Voltaic charge Electric damage SoCs for mystic and holy damage Crush
Rune warg Mystic damage Crush
Sacred lion Noble charge Holy damage Trample
Skeletal warhorse Shadow charge Shadow damage SoC additional shadow damage Trample
Slayer sleigh Trample
Techno warhorse Electric charge Electric damage Trample
Verdant stag Lifegiving charge Healing Trample


  • 9 July 2010: Mounts were first introduced in Chronicles of Blood.

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