Mind-controlled human

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Mind-controlled human
Creatures-Mind-controlled human 2.jpg
     Level: *3
     Rarity: Uncommon
Procs-Backlash icon.png  Proc: Backlash
Procs-Berserk.png  Proc: Berserk
Procs-Chain attack.png  Proc: Chain attack
Procs-Cruelty.png  Proc: Cruelty
Procs-Melee debuff.png  Proc: Slayer
Procs-Stun.png  Proc: Stun
Procs-Toughness.png   Proc: Toughness
Procs-Weak minded.png  Proc: Weak-minded
     Damage type: Physical



When the alien spaceship crashed some humans who witnessed that event up close have been brought under the psychic control of the aliens. Now they serve as human shields and guinea pigs.


Creatures-Corrupted.jpg A mind-controlled human is a corrupted creature.


The mind-controlled human can inflict physical damage on its opponent.


The mind-controlled human is vulnerable to psychic damage.


The mind-controlled human may gain the following procs during a battle:

  • Procs-Backlash icon.png  Backlash: The backlash proc gives a chance to cause damage against an opponent based on the damage inflicted upon the proc user in that round.
  • Procs-Chain attack.png  Chain attack: The chain attack proc is an offensive and disruptive proc that gives a chance to deal an additional weapon attack in the same combat round. Chain attack can be gained up to 5 times in a single combat round. Effects that are triggered by hitting an opponent may also trigger again.
  • Procs-Stun.png  Stun: The stun proc is a defensive buff that causes an opponent to lose the ability to attack for one round of a battle.


The mind-controlled human can be summoned to a battle as a servant of:

The mind-controlled human can also be summoned to a battle as a servant of any epic boss or coven boss.



You can only encounter the mind-controlled human in:


Vanquish a mind-controlled human in battle, and you may occasionally discover that some of the following items have been left behind as loot:


  • 24 November 2011: The mind-controlled human was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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