Mid-level shadow synergy build

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Build details

Equipment type Equipment Buffs Deals damage Adds damage Chance for
major damage
Hand armor Voidheart hands 1-2 shadow damage
Body armor Voidheart tunic Corruption 2
Leg and foot armor Deathcaller walkers Damnation 1
Ascessory Blob in a jar Shadowcurse 2
Ascessory Pendant of lost love Corruption 3
Mount Skeletal warhorse Damnation 2 Shadow charge Blue star.jpg Condemnation 2
Weapon Wingclipper Damnation 2 Corruption 3
Servant Skeleton retainer +10%
Servant Demonic tutor Damnation 1,
+3% chance of corruption
Vampiric power Demonic rites 4-5 Nightfall 4-5
Vampiric powers-Demonic rites.jpg Boots-Deathcaller walkers.jpg
Armor-Voidheart gloves.jpg Armor-Voidheart tunic.jpg
Accessories-Blob in a jar.jpg Accessories-Pendant of lost love.jpg
Servants-Skeleton retainer.jpg Servants-Demonic tutor.jpg
Mounts-Skeletal warhorse.jpg


You must be at least level 90 to use this build.

Calculating the buffs

This build has seven sources of shadow damage shown above:

This build also has five buffs to shadow damage:

Compounding the additional damage

Damnation increases damage at the rate of 5% (.05) per level.

Shadowcurse increases damage at the rate of 10% (.10) per level.

If all instances of damnation and shadowcurse are gained during battle, you can multiply the direct shadow damage done by 1.60—in other words, you increase the total shadow damage by more than 3/5:


Damnation 1 + Damnation 2 + Damnation 2 + Damnation 1 + Shadowcurse 2 (1.05 x 1.1 x 1.1 x1.05 x 1.20) = 1.60083.

The base damage multiplied by the product of the damage increasers, gives you an increase of 60.0% added to the original damage inflicted.


The 60% additional damage described above is a best-case scenario. You will not always get that much additional damage, but you can see how adding additional sources of damage buffs can increase your total damage done quite considerably.

Proc rates

Note that nothing on this page takes into consideration the different rates at which you may gain various procs, which will also affect your total damage in real gameplay.

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