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The merchants are talented crafters, who can fabricate a variety of items when you bring them the appropriate crafting materials.

The merchants also occasionally have both more esoteric and common items of gear for sale, including accessories. mounts, weapons or armor.


Merchant Location Portal Notes
Coraline Club noir Club noir Glyphs, services, bait
Battlemaster's store Battlemaster Battlemaster Sells pvp-oriented weapons, mounts, glyphs, armor, wardstones, accessories and more.
Undead broker Crows Hill Cemetery Crows Hill crypt
Crows Hill Cemetery nightmare mode
Crazy hermit Dark Forest Darkcrawler caverns
Hunchback Underground Sewers
Black market dealer Oldtown
Smuggler Abandoned industrial complex
Soul trader Infernal planes
Cultist of Seth Dust devil desert
Banshee McCloud Manor
Supply drone Cyberlabs inc. Hidden C.Y.B.E.R. LABS Base
Yeti trader Mount messmer
Jungle expedition Dread jungle
Captain Dick Ryder Underwater city Lost Island portal
Cyberlabs logistics officer Secret laboratory
Blood altar
Cow oracle Red pastures Only available when portal is open
Chaos agent Dark oblivion Only available when portal is open
Wandering merchant Field of the dead and Western field of the dead Only available during special events
Supply officer Samantha Jones Crashed spaceship
Blacksmith Lair of the dragons Only available when portal is open.
Wandering merchant House of the 7 sins Only available during special events
Quartermaster Vangoth castle

Portal and special event locations

The {wandering merchant in the field of the dead and the western field of the dead is only available twice a year, during special events such as blood moon arising in the spring each year and all hallows week in late October each year.

The same is true of _______________, the merchant in the house of the 7 sins.

The merchants in the red pastures, dark oblivion, crashed spaceship, and lair of the dragons are restricted by scheduling as well as by the leveling process. You can only visit these merchants when you have used an appropriate portal item to reach the location and cannot visit the merchant during the required cooldown between trips to the portal.

Pay attention to their schedules — particularly the wandering merchant in field of the dead and the western field of the dead, since he tends to be available only a couple of times a year.


By default each merchant will show you the items you can purchase, craft, and use at levels up to 5 levels ahead of your current level, and/or the items that you could have purchased and crafted at levels up to 30 levels below your current level.

This will give you the ability to review what your upcoming options are and to plan so that you will have the correct talent points and credits or crafting supplies necessary.

You must click on the Club noir Blue arrow right.png} Merchant Blue arrow right.png Buying button to see the items available for sale.

Check the merchants regularly, to be aware of what's coming up or what could help you with a current build.


  • 1 June 2010: Merchants were included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.
  • 5 July 2012: The requirement to collect the mausoleum key to be able to visit the undead broker in Crows Hill Cemetery has been removed.
  • 18 September 2012: The requirement to collect a magical item to visit any of the merchants was removed from the game. Armor, accessories, belts, boots, and weapons moved to the PvE location merchants from Coraline's shop.

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