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Magical items
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Magical items give you access to locations once you have reached the appropriate level.

Summoning items allow you to summon a boss to battle.

Magical items are always bound to a single player and can not be sold, given or traded to another player.

In your inventory

In your inventory, magical items can be reached by following the Inventory Blue arrow right.png Misc tab, and then scrolling down to look for "Portal items" and "Misc items".

One Portal item is destroyed each time you travel to a portal location. Other types of magic items are not destroyed and remain in your inventory.


Magical items are required to move to new locations.

Magical item Allows travel to
Strange tracks Dark Forest
Sewer blueprints Underground Sewers
Dancing Dragon menu card Oldtown
ID card Abandoned industrial complex
Demonic compass Infernal planes
Portal to the red pastures Red pastures
Bull skull Dust devil desert
Painting of Lord McCloud McCloud Manor
Nightmare potion Dark oblivion
Robotic arm Cybernetics, Inc. laboratory
Visitor pass Crashed spaceship
Map to Mount Messmer Mount Messmer foothills
Orb of relocation Mount Messmer slopes
Orb of teleportation Mount Messmer summit
Time-travel portal Lair of the dragons
Snakes on a crate Dread jungle
Sextant Underwater city


All the merchants in the actual version of CoB can be accessed without a magical item. The list below is kept as a reminder of the past requirements to access them. Therefore it isn't actualized anymore.

The merchants that do not require you to have a specific magical item in your inventory are shown below with "none required' in the "magical item" column.

Magical item Merchant Location
none required Undead broker Crows Hill Cemetery
Woodcutter Crazy hermit Dark Forest
none required Wandering merchant Field of the dead &
Western field of the dead
Notre Dame baseball cap Hunchback Underground Sewers
Counterfeit watch Black market dealer Oldtown
Weapon crates Smuggler Abandoned industrial complex
Soul fragment Soul trader Infernal planes
Golden cowbell Cow oracle Red pastures
Idol of Seth Cultist of Seth Dust devil desert
Golden necklace Banshee McCloud Manor
"Coon" comic book Chaos agent Dark oblivion
Access terminal Supply drone at the Secret supply storage Cyberlabs inc.
none Supply officer Samantha Jones Crashed spaceship
Yeti horn Yeti trader Mount Messmer
none required Blacksmith Lair of the dragons

Originally, the mausoleum key had to be found in Crows Hill Cemetery for you to be able to visit the undead broker. That requirement was removed on 5 July 2012.


For Chronicles of Blood's first two years, trainers required that new vamps acquire a specific magical item before they would sell you any equipment or help you craft any items.

The magical items were removed as a requirement in July 2012; this table is kept for historical purposes.

Magical item Trainer Location
none required Old witch Crows Hill Cemetery
Verdant roots Tree spirit Dark Forest
none required Wandering trainer Field of the dead &
Western field of the dead
Shattered mirror Elder Nosferatu Underground Sewers
Misfortune cookie Triad blood doll Oldtown
Security key card Fringe scientist Abandoned industrial complex
Broken heart Vilevere Infernal planes
Little red hood Bad wolf Red pastures
Cobra fang Cobra sage Dust devil desert
Letter from S.C.O.T.C.H. S.C.O.T.C.H. agent McCloud Manor
Pincers Rogue forgotten one Dark oblivion
Hologram emitter Holographic program Cyberlabs inc.
none Government liaison Crashed spaceship
Barrel of blood Saint Bernard sage Mount Messmer
none required Old warrior Lair of the dragons


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