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The Lost Island is a portal location.


The Lost Island is open to players at level 11 and above, once they have purchased a portal badge from Coraline.

You must purchase a new portal badge for each visit to Lost Island.

Environmental proc

There is currently no environmental proc in Lost Island.


The creatures you will battle in Lost Island are:


Creature Type Strength Health Rarity Damage type Loot
Talos     Talos
Bestial Level *1 Variable Very common Physical
Hekotoncheir     Hekotoncheir
Undead Level *1 Variable Very common Physical
Typhoon     Typhoon
Abominable Level *2 Variable Common Physical
Tribal warrior     Tribal warrior
Righteous Level *2 Variable Common Holy
Charybdis     Carybdis
Corrupted Level *2 Variable Common Shadow
Harpies     Harpies
Demonic Level *3 Variable Uncommon Ice
Minotaur     Minotaur
Bestial Level *4 Variable Scarce Psychic
Smoke monster     Smoke monster
Ethereal Level *5 Variable Rare Mystic
Centaur     Centaur
Bestial Level *6 Variable Rare Shadow
Island zombie     Island zombie
Bestial Level *7 Variable Rare Toxic
Fire dragon     Fire dragon
Draconic Level *8 Variable Epic Fire
Stegosaurus     Stegosaurus
Bestial Level *9 Variable Epic Toxic
Geneticist     Geneticist
Corrupted Level *10 Variable Legendary Psychic

These creatures adapt to the level of the vampire fighting them. Replace the * preceding the level number with the highest level ending in the final number that you can battle in.

In addition, these creatures are each slightly stronger than their level number would suggest. Don't be surprised when they are more aggressive than a normal creature of the same level might be.

Strength levels

The strength level of each creature in Lost Island varies based on your own level in the game.

Your vampire's level Creatures' variable levels Creatures' actual levels
Vamp levels 1–10 x1–x10 1–10
Vamp levels 11–20 x1–x10 11–20
Vamp levels 21–30 x1–x10 21–30
Vamp levels 31–40 x1–x10 31–40
Vamp levels 41–50 x1–x10 41–50
Vamp levels 51–60 x1–x10 51–60
Vamp levels 61–70 x1–x10 61–70
Vamp levels 71–80 x1–x10 71–80
Vamp levels 81–90 x1–x10 81–90
Vamp levels 91–100 x1–x10 91–100
Vamp levels 101–110 x1–x10 101–110
Vamp levels 111–120 x1–x10 111–120
Vamp levels 121–130 x1–x10 121–130
Vamp levels 131–140 x1–x10 131–140
Vamp levels 141–150 x1–x10 141–150

Epic bosses

There is one epic boss that you can battle on the Lost Island, which is summoned by the lost statue.

Boss Type Strength Health Damage type Loot
Soul eater     Soul eater
Undead Level *10 Variable Shadow

Coven bosses

There are no coven bosses on the Lost Island.


There is no trainer on the Lost Island.


Captain Dick Ryder is the local merchant for the Lost Island. Reach him by selecting Club noir Blue arrow right.png Merchant from the home screen.

Captain Dick Ryder can help you craft or purchase esoteric items.

For crafting projects, you must always bring the appropriate crafting materials along before approaching the merchant.


All crafted items are bound to their creator, meaning that they can not be sold or gifted to another player.

Item Name Item Type Level required Stats required Damage Type
Charybdis bow Missile weapon Level 30 - Toxic
Charybdis stormsinger Missile weapon Level 105 - Toxic
Hydra gun Handgun weapon Level 50 - Ballistic
Hydra cannon Rifle weapon Level 80 - Ballistic
Scylla's scimitar Sword weapon Level 70 - Toxic
Scylla's embrace Sword weapon Level 140 - Toxic
Astraios cuirass Chest Level 45 - Toxic
Astraios chestplate Chest Level 85 - Toxic
Astraios titan armour Chest Level 131 - Toxic
Doomed ship in a Bottle Accessory Level 100 - Psychic
Eridanus barbute Head Level 25 - Toxic
Eridanus gaze Head Level 65 - Toxic
Eridanus helmet Head Level 121 - Toxic
Daedalus bracers Hands Level 35 - Toxic
Daedalus gauntlets Hands Level 75 - Toxic
Daedalus vambraces Hands Level 111 - Toxic


Creatures drop a variety of loot items. Some loot drops are very common; some are very rare.

Common loot

Among the items that are commonly dropped as loot (in the Lost Island portal and elsewhere) are:

Location-specific loot

Loot items that are only dropped at the Lost Island portal (or only at Lost Island portal and a few other locations) include:


  • 14 March 2016: The Lost Island portal was added to Chronicles of Blood.

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