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Many creatures leave behind loot after you have defeated them.

Types of loot

Among the types of loot you can get are:

Assist loot

Assist loot is loot you can receive only if you help other players defeat bosses by clicking on links in FB wall posts or in your livefeed.

The majority of assist loot drops, like the majority of loot drops generally, are of small amounts of common crafting items and blood rubies.

Occasionally, however, you can receive some words of command and scrolls.

Some of the words of commands and scrolls you can receive for assisting other players with their bosses are:

Unique loot items

Some loot items can only drop for you if you don't already have one in your inventory. In other words, you won't get another copy of that item dropped unless you have disenchanted and/or sold the original (and there's no guarantee that you'll get the unique loot dropped a second time, either!)

This list includes the unique loot items that you can disenchant.

Item Type Location
Ancient oak staff Weapon Dark Forest
Bihander Weapon McCloud Manor
Chitinous exoskeleton Chest armor Underground Sewers
Cobraskin cloak Accessory Dust devil desert
Devil's tongue Weapon Crows Hill Cemetery
Electric baton Weapon Underground Sewers
Electrolance Weapon Dust devil desert
Forcefield generator Accessory Cyberlabs inc.
Grenade launcher Weapon Abandoned industrial complex
Grip of darkness Hand armor Crows Hill Cemetery
Holy gun "Purgatory" Weapon Oldtown
Jagged fang Accessory Field of the dead
Liquid metal skin Chest armor Cyberlabs inc.
Lucky gun "Ace of spades" Weapon Dark Forest
Pendant of molten fury Accessory Oldtown
Plagueheart robes Chest armor Abandoned industrial complex
Raven cowl Head armor Crows Hill Cemetery
Riftcaller tunic Chest armor Dust devil desert
Roy's razors Weapon Oldtown
Scorpion claws Hand armor Underground Sewers
Staff of the warlock queen Weapon Infernal planes
Touch of the ancients Hand armor Dark Forest
Used police combat gear Chest armor Oldtown

Blue star.jpg Except for netherwrath items, all armor, weapon, and accessory loot from epic bosses belongs in this table. In the interest of saving editorial time, this note will have to suffice until we get the specific items named here.

Strategies for increasing your loot

Loot enhancers

Loot enhancers are items you can equip in your setup that may increase your chances of finding loot. But see below for additional information, since there is not a one-to-one relationship between your loot chance modifiers and your chance of actually receiving certain loot.

Loot enhancers are available for PvE, PvB, PvCB and PvP battles.

Deathblow loot

When you deathblow a creature, you have a slightly higher than normal chance of receiving loot dropped by that creature.

If a creature drops rare loot, your chance of receiving that loot is generally better if you deathblow that creature (Please note: 'better' does not mean 'good').

You may also have a chance to receive a piece of deathblow loot, loot that is only dropped when a creature receives a deathblow. Again, the chance of receiving this loot is very very small ... deathblow loot is rare. That's why it's so prized.

When hunting for a specific piece of loot, it may help to deathblow a creature that drops it to increase your chances.

Loot chance calculations

Loot drop rates are one of the most hotly debated topics in the Chronicles of Blood forums.

We know that there is not just a single calculation to determine whether (and what) loot is received at the end of any single battle. It's also not a linear calculation. (In other words, a loot chance modifier that you calculate to be 12% does not turn a 1% loot chance into a 13% loot chance).

We also know that the loot drop calculations can take a large number of things into account, including:

  • loot item rarity
  • the amount of damage done
  • the victory type (is it a deathblow?)
  • the level difference between you and the boss (for bosses)
  • any number of secret factors

When you come down to it, there's a lot of luck involved ... and that can make parts of the game very frustrating. But it's a real rush when you do finally get a long-sought after piece of loot!


  • 1 June 2010: Loot was included in the initial release of Chronicles of Blood.

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