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Locations and primary damage style

Location Number Type Primary damage type
Crows Hill Cemetery 1 Normal Physical damage
Dark Forest 2 Normal Physical damage
Underground Sewers 3 Normal Physical damage
Oldtown 4 Normal Physical damage
Abandoned industrial complex 5 Normal Toxic damage
Infernal planes 6 Normal Fire damage
Dust devil desert 7 Normal
McCloud Manor 8 Normal Mystic damage
Red pastures n/a Portal Physical damage
Field of the dead n/a Portal (Special event)
Dark oblivion n/a Lovecraftian portal Psychic damage
Cyberlabs inc. 9 Normal Ballistic damage
Crashed spaceship n/a Xeno portal Toxic damage
Mount messmer 10 Normal Ice damage
Western field of the dead n/a Portal (special event)
Lair of the dragons n/a Draconic portal
House of the 7 sins n/a Portal (special event)
Silverlight lake n/a Portal (winter holiday season portal)
Dread jungle 11 Normal Toxic damage
Crows Hill crypt n/a >> Portal
Underwater city 12 Normal
Vangoth castle n/a >> Portal
Secret laboratory 13 Normal
Blood altar 14 Normal
Crows Hill Cemetery nightmare mode 15 Normal
Hidden C.Y.B.E.R. LABS Base n/a Portal

Normal locations

Crows Hill Cemetery

Header-Crows hill cemetery.jpg

Dark Forest

Header-Dark forest.jpg

Underground Sewers

Location-headers-Underground sewers.jpg


Location headers-Oldtown.jpg

Abandoned industrial complex

Location headers-Abandoned industrial complex.jpg

Infernal planes

Location headers-Infernal planes.jpg

Dust devil desert

Location headers-Dust devil desert.jpg

McCloud Manor

Location headers-McCloud manor.jpg

Cyberlabs inc.

Location headers-Cyberlabs inc.jpg

Mount messmer

Location headers-Mount Messner foothills.jpg

Dread jungle

Location headers-Dread jungle.jpg

Underwater city

Location headers-Underwater city.jpg

Secret laboratory

Location headers-Secret laboratory.jpg

Blood altar

Location headers-Blood altar.jpg

Crows Hill Cemetery nightmare mode

Location headers-Crows hill cemetery, nightmare mode.jpg

Dark forest meadow nightmare mode

Location headers-Dark forest meadow nightmare mode.jpg

Dark Forest Sanctuary, nightmare mode

Location headers-Dark forest sanctuary nightmare mode.jpg

Portal locations

Red pastures

Location headers-Red pastures.jpg

Dark oblivion

Location headers-Dark oblivion.jpg

Crashed spaceship

Location headers-Crashed spaceship teaser.jpg

Lair of the dragons

Location headers-Lair of the dragons.jpg

Crows Hill crypt

Location headers-Crows hill crypt.jpg

Vangoth castle

Location headers-Vangoth castle.jpg

Darkcrawler caverns

Location headers-Darkcrawler caves.jpg

Hidden C.Y.B.E.R. LABS Base

Location headers-Cyberlabs hidden base.jpg

Lost Island

Location headers-Lost Island.jpg

Zirkus des Schreckens


Special event locations

Field of the dead

Location headers-Field of the dead.jpg

Haunted field of the dead

Haunted field of the dead header Location.jpg

Western field of the dead

Location headers-Western field of the dead.jpg

House of the 7 sins

Location headers-House of the seven sins.jpg

Silverlight lake

Location headers-Silverlight lake.jpg

Golden summer lake

Golden summer lake header Location.jpg

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